Bob Stoops: I’m looking to vacation in Chicago, not coach there

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Bob Stoops’ retirement as head coach at Oklahoma raised eyebrows in Chicago because Stoops owns two homes there, and some thought Stoops might already have his eye on potentially taking the Bears job next year, if John Fox doesn’t return.

Stoops, however, says such talk is nothing but speculation. Stoops says he and his wife bought a vacation home in Chicago years ago, and will sell that one because they just bought another one that suits them better.

“That’s a simple deal,” Stoops said on ESPN Radio in Tulsa. “I got one that fits our style and what we want to do with our family better, and I’m gonna sell the other one. I’m not looking to coach in Chicago.”

Stoops said he and his wife love to vacation in Chicago, but he’s had decades in coaching to pursue a job there if he wanted, and he hasn’t done it.

“It has been [her favorite city] since we were in college, and we haven’t moved to Chicago,” Stoops said.

If Fox is fired, more questions are sure to be raised about Stoops’ interest. But for now, he insists he’s just a retired guy looking for a nice place to visit.

12 responses to “Bob Stoops: I’m looking to vacation in Chicago, not coach there

  1. Wonder if he’ll go with the fake nose and glasses combo or the hat, dark glasses and fake stash as his disguise while he sneaks into bear games this upcoming season? you know..not preparing to take over head coaching duties next season when Fox is eventually shown the door.

  2. Stoolerz,

    People who are not cowards.

    If you are afraid of coming to most of the tourist-heavy areas of Chicago, you are a coward.

    Chicago has some of the best restaurants in the country, amazing museums, wonderful beaches, and for people outside urban areas, great shopping.

    Too bad you are too afraid to visit. Your loss.

  3. I spent a weekend in Chicago earlier this month and never once felt threatened. The Museum of Science and Industry is one of the best science museums I’ve ever been to and there’s nothing like Chicago style pizza. I wouldn’t want to live in such a big city, personally, but visit there? Heck yeah!

    As for John Fox, I think you need to give him two more seasons. If you axe him after this year it’s a mistake.

  4. Unless you come to Chicago to buy drugs, and unless you decide to go for a stroll at 2:00 a.m. after a long night’s drinking, most people are fine.

    Of course, if you spend nights in your bunker watching FoxNews, Chicago probably is not your best place to visit.

  5. There’s great stuff to see in many cities across American. And you can get Chicago Style pizza here in Arizona.. Not sure Chicago would be my first destination.. Business, sure – for a few days. In the summer though for a month or two, hot and muggy and traffic is ridiculous.

  6. I have left my bunker a few times to visit Chicago (it’s tough to turn off Fox News). Downtown is very nice, really fun and a blast on St. Patty’s Day. As we all know the ghettos are terrible. It is the best of the best and the worst of the worst.

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