Denard Robinson trying out at Jets minicamp

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The Jets have spent the offseason casting off veteran players left and right, leaving plenty of opportunities for young players to earn big roles on the team come September.

It could also offer a chance for a player who has flamed out elsewhere to get another shot at finding a home in the NFL. That’s what former Jaguar “offensive weapon” Denard Robinson is hoping will happen for him in New Jersey.

Robinson’s agents announced their client is working with the Jets at this week’s three-day mandatory minicamp. Robinson also tried out for the Bears earlier this offseason.

Robinson was a fifth-round pick by the Jaguars in 2013 and made the move from Michigan quarterback to the “offensive weapon” designation when he got to Jacksonville. The production wasn’t particularly potent during his four years with the team as he picked up 1,058 rushing yards and 310 receiving yards while seeing his playing time drop in each of the last two years.

9 responses to “Denard Robinson trying out at Jets minicamp

  1. Are the JETS still a professional team??… They might actually be going for that 0-16 season… Funny that Robinson has to “try out” on a bum team…

  2. With his speed and quickness… I find it hard to believe that this guy can’t be explosive… under a solid NFL scheme.

    I also have little confidence that the Jags… without a winning season for a DECADE… knew how to best utilize his talents.

  3. Interesting, I look at his stats and they were pretty decent for Jax, especially 2014, but not bad in 2015. Then they just went away from him. Oh well.

  4. Dennard is an amazing athlete, but he probably doesn’t have a clear NFL position.

    At Michigan he was amazing and while the team was usually lousy, he made for some very entertaining Saturdays.

    He dominated 99% with his athletic ability. He can’t play QB as a pro and with better athletes on defense—its not the same.

    As it goes for most QBs that run and pass–if you really can’t pass, then running won’t keep you in the league.

    I don’t think he is big enough to be running back. His main hope is as a slot receiver, which he hasn’t adapted to yet.
    But lets also hope he is off drugs and faulty car GPS systems.

  5. Denard is too small for a back, not consistent enough as a receiver, but could literally be a great OW in the right team. Jags o-line didn’t give him a chance.

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