Despite scary injury in January, Zaire Anderson still enthusiastic about continuing career

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Linebacker Zaire Anderson found himself unable to move temporarily after he was knocked unconscious during the Denver Broncos’ season finale against the Oakland Raiders on New Year’s Day. He regained feeling throughout his body soon after and managed to avoid any significant bodily injury.

But despite the scare, Anderson isn’t re-assessing his desire to continue to play football.

I feel like after it happened, it made me realize I just want to play football,” Anderson said, via Arnie Stapleton of the Associated Press. “It’s something I’ve been doing my whole life and I just know stuff like that happens to players but I just never thought it would happen to me. It happened and I’m just trying to move forward.”

Anderson compressed his spinal cord when his head rammed into a teammate’s hip trying to make a tackle on a punt. He was loaded onto a cart and taken to the hospital where he eventually began to regain feeling throughout his body. Anderson said having the season be over following the injury gave him the time he needed to mentally process his injury and get back in the right frame of mind to continue playing.

Now it’s a thing of the past for him.

“I really don’t dwell on it as much” he said. “I feel like it’s just something that happened that day and it just comes with the game.”

Anderson appeared in all 16 games with one start for Denver last season, recording 14 tackles and a forced fumbles.

3 responses to “Despite scary injury in January, Zaire Anderson still enthusiastic about continuing career

  1. Sorry but I think this should be enough to tell him it’s over. After what happened he should have enough common sense to quit playing football forever. He’s up walking around living a fairly normal life now and that should be enough. If he plays again I believe he’s an idiot. Sorry for the name calling but someone above has spoken. Time to quit. God bless and use your head for something other than to carry your helmet. Prayers.

  2. Man, this happened to me in high school. It wasn’t as severe though, I only lost feeling for a few seconds then my whole body did the pins and needles thing like when you foot falls asleep. It happened the same way, caught my head on a teammate’s hip. Extremely terrifying at the time.

  3. Jimh1 no man if the guy loves what he does I don’t blame him, I raced motorcycles from childhood and when I was 22 I stacked it up and Shattered t3 t4 and T5 now I’m a complete Paraplegic from the chest down and everyday of my life since 6 years later I still wish I could still be racing.

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