Dontari Poe makes weight, cashes in

Getty Images

It turns out that $125,000 provides ample reason to get one’s weight below 340 pounds.

That’s not the kind of promise too many weight loss centers can make while remaining profitable, but business is good in the NFL and the Falcons included a clause in defensive tackle Dontari Poe’s contract that called for him to get that amount for coming in under that weight on the first day of their minicamp.

Poe expressed confidence about his ability to reach that number and he confirmed on Tuesday that he was where he needed to be when he stepped on the scale. Poe has three more weight checks this season and needs to be at or under 330 pounds to earn the remaining $375,000 in money available under the contract clause.

Poe was an effective player with the Chiefs when he was listed at a heavier weight, but he has dealt with back issues at points so playing at a lower weight and in better overall physical condition may help him stay on the field more in his first season with the Falcons.