Earl Thomas thought career was over after broken leg


It wasn’t just the trauma of a broken leg that made Seahawks safety Earl Thomas tweet about retirement.

He honestly didn’t know at the moment if he’d be able to come back.

Thomas said during an interview on 710 ESPN that it took him time to realize he could get back to his old form.

“It’s very different, especially it’s my foundation, my legs,” Thomas said. “I’m a speedster. So when I initially broke it, I’m like, ‘Dang, my career’s over with.’ That’s why I sent the tweet out. Obviously I was very disappointed. I felt like I was having the best year of my career. But as you go through it, you learn, you understand that you can bounce back. And that’s where I’m at at this point.”

Thomas didn’t need surgery to repair the damage, and did some limited work during OTAs. The Seahawks are confident he’ll be ready for the start of training camp.

The time away also made Thomas realize his appreciation for the game.

“It just makes me feel complete,” he said of returning to football. “I’m a master at this thing. This is what I love to do so I’m happy to be doing it.”

The difference in the Seahawks defense without him last year was apparent, as they were vulnerable over the last month without him. Opposing quarterbacks threw for 12 touchdowns and one interception, and posted a 100.3 passer rating when he wasn’t on the field.

So the need is apparent, and Thomas sounds like a guy who needs to be there.