John Fox references Tim Tebow in developing Mitchell Trubisky


Tim Tebow did not exactly have the kind of NFL career that a first-round quarterback would be told to emulate, but Bears coach John Fox says he might just follow the Tebow model when bringing first-round pick Mitch Trubisky along.

Fox said today that he and his staff need to do everything they can to get Trubisky experience, as he did when he coached Tebow in 2011 in Denver.

“I’ve been around situations like that before, back in my time at Denver even with Tebow,” Fox said. “We’re going to do whatever we can. As coaches, we got to put guys in positions where they can utilize their skill set, and it won’t be any different this year.”

Some have interpreted those comments as meaning the Bears might have a special package of plays for Trubisky to run while Mike Glennon runs the base offense. But Fox added that the two quarterbacks’ skill sets are similar enough that it wouldn’t make sense to have the backup run option plays, as the Broncos did with the more mobile Tebow.

“They’re both more mobile than people think, which I think always helps,” Fox said. “Even with Mike’s height, he’s a good athlete and has good movement skills, good pocket presence. So again, it comes down to good decision making and that’s something we need to better. We threw a lot of interceptions a year ago, and that didn’t help our cause. So it’s something that our coaching staff is doing a good job with all of them.”

The Bears didn’t trade up to the No. 2 overall pick to keep Trubisky on the bench, so it’s fair to assume that as soon as he’s ready, he’s going to usurp Glennon as the starter. Fox hopes he’s a longer-term solution than Tebow was in Denver.

31 responses to “John Fox references Tim Tebow in developing Mitchell Trubisky

  1. whats sad is the front office is going to fire fox after this season because he couldn’t get a winning product on the field. parcells said it best….if you want me to cook dinner you should at least let me buy the groceries

  2. Tebow was a total bust. The daft spout, “But he’s a winner!” and point to that 8 yard pass that 82 yards on blown coverage against a decimated Pittsburgh defense. No, it was Denver’s defense.

    That being said, Trubisky will be fortunate to have a Tim Couch-like career. You don’t draft a QB #2 overall and give up 2 or 3 picks besides, unless he’s a bonafide day 1 starter.

    Da Bears blew it!

  3. Tebow was 9-7 with a playoff win for his blackballed career.
    Tebow stories will always haunt the NFL because there are 0 likeable players without him!

    Think of all the merchandising and tv ratings the blackballing of Tebow has cost the dying NFL! There would be no ratings crisis if Tebow was still in the NFL!

  4. To the Tebow Army – keep quoting his record for one year but if he was so good why does Mike Glennon have a job and he is out of the league?

    He isn’t blackballed. He isn’t any good.

  5. gotitan says:
    Jun 13, 2017 5:51 PM
    What was Tebow’s last start in the NFL? Victory over the Steelers, I think.


    Hahahahah no it was a loss against the Patriots the following week.

  6. Tebow was a young guy with zero experience, yet he did what ever he had to do to win football games. In fact, he took over a team that wasn’t winning any games, and turned them into a team that was hardly losing any games. Tebow just got it done. This is exactly what Fox wants his young QB Trubisky to do. Worry about getting better with age. Trubisky doesn’t have the running ability that Tebow has, but the point is, he did whatever was necessary to win. Hopefully Trubisky actually gets an opportunity to get better with age. That’s something Tebow never got.

  7. Sounds like a coach who didn’t want to lose a bunch of draft picks to move up one spot to draft a one year starter quarterback after signing a pro with starts and experience.

  8. If I’m an aspiring NFL QB, and my name is mentioned in the same sentence as Tim Tebow by anyone, be it coach, teammate, media personnel… I’m greatly insulted. So sorry, Trubisky.

  9. The Tebow Army returns quoting his “massive” success in one year.

    To the guy who keeps using the line about people hating Tim because he keeps proselytizing Christianity…

    Just like CK taking a knee buddy, first amendment rights, we don’t have to like your guy either.

    I go to St. Mattress every Sunday for my salvation, take YOUR proselytizing somewhere else, I sleep fine every night and don’t mind being a heathen.

  10. Jeez people… If it was true that “all Tebow does is win”, then why does he have several losses? Actually, several embarrassing losses where the opposing teams were literally laughing at his play. Do Tebow homers just conveniently forget about that? How about the final 3 weeks of the 2011 season that were lost mainly because of Tebow’s atrocious play? Remember that? The Broncos were incredibly lucky to back into the playoffs with Tim at the helm… Heck, didn’t the Broncos win a game where Tebow completed something like 4 out of 8 pass attempts? Of course, the delusional Tebow fans gave all credit for that win to Tebow.

    Get real, people. There is no conspiracy. Tebow isn’t blackballed, he’s a horrible QB. If he had swallowed his pride and attempted a career as a TE or FB (like several teams asked him to do), maybe he’d still be in the league. But no, the golden boy has too much pride and a greedy sense of entitlement. Anyone who understands the first thing about football knows Tebow has no business playing QB at the NFL level. I don’t care how nice of a guy he is, how religious he is or how good-looking he is, none of that means he should automatically be given a spot on an NFL roster when the dude can’t consistently throw an accurate pass.

  11. To the Tebow people:

    The Detroit Lions destroyed him. 45-10.

    Tebow had a total of 235 total yards. Lost 55 on sacks, threw a 100 yard INT and lost a 24 yard fumble.
    Tebow produced 235 yards for his team and 179 for the Lions by himself.
    He got 1 garbage time TD in the 4th quarter.

    Oh yeah, did I mention this was the same Lions defense that gave up 480 yards and 6 TDs to Matt Flynn?

  12. I’ve tolerated mediocre Qbs from every race, creed and color and yet these people have no tolerance for Tebow. What a bunch of hypocrites!

    Stand with me for ALL blackballed NFL stars, Mike Florio!

  13. junkfooddaddy says:
    Jun 13, 2017 8:19 PM
    Wentz is a bigger Jesus freak then Tebow


    There are no real Christians in the NFL since they don’t speak up for Tebow. That’s part of the NFL’s unlikeability problem.

  14. There once was a man name Tebow
    whose exploits certainly we know,
    So when it was ‘Tebow Time”,
    he was an average Joe
    and his butt was on the pine.

  15. Two seasons of mostly terrible football have shown this Bears fan that the Ernie Accorsi-arranged marriage of John Fox and Ryan Pace is a fail. Ownership appears to be a bigger fan of Pace than they are of Fox so after the Bears notch another 11 or 12 losses this season they’ll allow Pace to cut the cord with Fox and hire his own guy to lead what will by then be pretty much 100% his roster. Whether that guy is Vic Fangio, Sean Payton or someone from the college ranks (please God no) remains to be seen.

  16. Y’all should look up Tebow’s miracle season on youtube, it’s about 30 mins long. Tebow had intangibles that only the all time great QBs have. He just needed the offense built around him and no team was willing to do that except Denver when they won that great playoff game.

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