Key Chiefs defenders return after working out on their own

Getty Images

Three key Chiefs defensive players opted to stay away for the bulk of the offseason program. With mandatory minicamp now open, they’ve reported for duty — and they met with the media to address their absences.

Safety Eric Berry, who finally got a long-term deal earlier this year, explained his decision to work out on his own at home. In a roundabout way, he hinted that the formal offseason program is more intense than he thinks is necessary.

“Just being away from the game a little bit and focusing more on training smarter,” Berry told reporters. “A lot of times you try and go too hard sometimes, not saying that’s the case here. There were certain things that I just wanted to get away from the game and reflect on what I needed to work on, be around my family.  I was actually at home for the most part, but just be around my family. . . . I know I won’t be around them much in the season, so might as well get that good quality time while I can.”

Linebacker Justin Houston was nonchalant regarding his decision to stay away.

“I was in Atlanta just working out. Nothing new, nothing special. Just the same old – working out, resting, enjoying the family,” Houston said, adding that he took the same approach before the season in which he registered 22.5 sacks.

Cornerback Marcus Peters provided similar comments about his desire to work out on his own. It’s a right that every player has, and the Chiefs seemed to have a cluster of players who opted to exercise that right. It makes sense to keep an eye on each of them during the regular season; if they play well, it’s worth remembering that when other players choose to work out on their own.