Lawrence Okoye choosing chance with Dolphins over Oxford Law School

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Defensive lineman Lawrence Okoye has spent four years trying to adapt to the NFL and find a breakthrough opportunity for himself. Despite playing for six different teams, Okoye has been unable to find that opportunity in the regular season as of yet.

Now with the Miami Dolphins, Okoye is still holding out hope that his opportunity is coming. According to James Walker of, Okoye is passing on a chance to attend the Oxford Law School while continuing a pursuit of a roster spot with the Dolphins in training camp.

Per Walker, Okoye was invited to study at Oxford but elected to put those plans on hold to play with the Dolphins. He deferred his choice until later this summer. However, he’s elected to stay with the Dolphins instead.

Okoye initially signed with the San Francisco 49ers in 2013 after competing in the discus in the Olympics in 2012 for Great Britain. After two years learning the game with the 49ers, he was released at the end of training camp in 2015. Okoye then spent brief stints with the Arizona Cardinals, New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears before joining the Dolphins this offseason.

Okoye faces an uphill battle to earn that roster spots. Ndamukong Suh and Jordan Phillips are big pieces of Miami’s defensive front. Additionally, draft picks Vincent Taylor and Davon Godchaux will have to be significantly outplayed to not make the roster. Okoye is potentially hoping to show enough value to earn a spot as a fifth defensive tackle on the roster.

5 responses to “Lawrence Okoye choosing chance with Dolphins over Oxford Law School

  1. Turning down Oxford shows he doesnt deserve the chance to go there. He has stolen millions from the NFL. He needs to realize. He would be a better lawyer then player. Wrong choice to play for Miami.

  2. All he’s doing is deferring his legal education. If he’s qualified today – he’ll be qualified tomorrow.

    The guy’s physicality is unquestioned – 6’6, 304, 4.78 40 and 30 reps in his tryout a few yrs ago.

    He certainly has confidence and has indicated his technique has improved. Watching Suh in the off-season and training camp can’t hurt. He has to make it happen this year, however. But, no reason to quit early and walk away with regrets about what “could have been.”

  3. With a ring just around the corner that degree can wait. To get a chance to play for the Miami Dolphins only a imbecile would turn that down and he certainly is not that. Can you imagine him running out in London having made the squad. Wow !

  4. 1phillyphan says:

    Turning down Oxford shows he doesnt deserve the chance to go there. He has stolen millions from the NFL.

    How has a guy who has only been on practice squads and hasn’t played a down in a real game stolen millions? He probably hasn’t made enough to even cover his expenses.

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