Man berates Lions after trespassing at practice

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An unidentified man trespassed onto the edge of the Lions’ practice field Tuesday, yelling at players and reporters.

According to Kyle Meinke of, the agitated man screamed at linebacker Tahir Whitehead, “Yo, No. 59. I know you need me at linebacker.” The uninvited guest also said he had played football since 1987 and had created the game before directing racial epithets at a reporter trying to record the outburst.

The man entered the practice field through an unlocked side gate and made it to within 30 yards of players before the public relations staff stopped him and security escorted him out. Allen Park Police are investigating, according to Meinke.

“I caught the end of it,” offensive lineman Joe Dahl said, via Meinke. “I heard our coach giving [a Lions employee] a couple pointers on how to get him out. I don’t know if they heard him, but he was trying.”

20 responses to “Man berates Lions after trespassing at practice

  1. I hope they ask the Caldwell-bot about this.

    “Coach, did you see the trespasser?”

    Caldwell-bot: “Check the report”

    “Coach, do you have anything to say to the trespasser?”

    Caldwell-bot: “Those conversations are of a private nature.”

    “Coach, in regard to the trespasser…”

    Caldwell-bot: “Things of that nature…”

  2. droppedinagreasefire says:

    Jun 13, 2017 4:25 PM

    Throw this guy in jail for a month

    Even worse, make him ask Caldwell-bot a question at a press conference!

  3. Coach was gonna have his boys handle it, but then thought the facility staff could actually tackle someone, so he let them handle it.

  4. A Vikings fan who got lost on the way to Eagan. Took a left turn at Winona instead of right.

  5. He was probably mad about how they wasted Barry Sanders career and that they only have 1 playoff win in 50 years.

    Right now the Jets, Browns and Bills fans are making fun of how dysfunctional the entire Lions organization has been throughout their entire existence.

  6. The 1987 reference is interesting as that was the same year a guy drove a fan through the gates at Three Rivers Stadium, went on the field and started kicking imaginary field goals. The trespasser claimed to be protesting Mark Malone.

  7. Before you hate, just make sure you refer to him as ‘2015 PRO BOWL MVP’ Matthew Stafford says:
    Jun 13, 2017 5:10 PM

    Hey haters – nothing in Lions history matters pre-Stafford. The 31st-best player in the NFL is here now. Under Stafford, they’ve made the playoffs 3 of the last 6 years, and only a finger injury kept them from winning the division last year. This isn’t SOL anymore.


    The delusion and denial is so strong with you. The Lions have one playoff victory in sixty years. SIXTY YEARS!! Stafford has two playoff appearances and has choked miserably both times! Welcome to reality kid.

  8. Lions have 1 playoff win in last 59 years

    Result: Dallas Cowboys 5, Detroit Lions 0

    Result: Washington Redskins 31, Detroit Lions 7

    Result: San Francisco 49ers 24, Detroit Lions 23

    Divisional round result: Detroit Lions 38, Dallas Cowboys 6 (*Only win in 59 years)
    Conference championship result: Washington Redskins 41, Detroit Lions 10

    Result: Green Bay Packers 28, Detroit Lions 24

    Result: Green Bay Packers 16, Detroit Lions 12

    Result: Philadelphia Eagles 58, Detroit Lions 37

    Result: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20, Detroit Lions 10

    Results: Washington Redskins 27, Detroit Lions 13

    Result: New Orleans Saints 45, Detroit Lions 28 (*LMAO Stafford)

    Result: Dallas Cowboys 24, Detroit Lions 20 (*Lions Fans blame refs even thought it was Stafford’s multiple 4th qtr fumbles, LoL!)

    Stafford is garbage, even Cutler has at least one playoff win!

  9. Carson Wentz would of threw the guy over the closest mountain. He’s good. That Carson Wentz.

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