Michael Irvin to hold press conference regarding criminal allegations

Getty Images

The investigation has been closed, the file has been given to prosecutors, and the waiting game has commenced. In the interim, Hall of Fame receiver and NFL Network employee Michael Irvin apparently has some things to say.

Irvin and his lawyer, Ken Padowitz, will hold a press conference at roughly 12:15 p.m. ET on Tuesday “to address allegations of sexual assault and the Broward State Attorney’s evaluation of potential charges.”

The purpose of the press conference isn’t clear. And if there’s any chance Irvin will be charged, the stakes are high. Anything he says at the press conference can and will be used against him, if it in any way undermines or contradicts other things he has said or will say.

It’s typically always better to say nothing at all, unless the benefit of speaking on unresolved criminal allegations outweighs the potential cost. But with Irvin possibly facing internal heat from his current employer, he may be choosing to proclaim his innocence in a public forum — especially since the NFL can use the Personal Conduct Policy to launch its own investigation and impose its own discipline on Irvin.