Michael Irvin to prosecutors: “Make a decision, let’s move on”

Getty Images

Prosecutors currently are weighing whether to charge Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin with sexual assault. During a Tuesday press conference, Irvin’s lawyer made a passionate plea for prosecutors to decline to pursue the case.

“Doesn’t let another minute go by and clear this man,” Ken Padowitz said, urging prosecutors to consider all of the evidence, which he insists supports “100 percent” that Irvin “is not guilty of these charges, he is innocent.”

Asked how long prosecutors have had the case, Irvin interjected and said, “Too long.” Padowitz, who said he doesn’t know specifically how long prosecutors have been considering the situation, said that he can tell in an hour whether a case has merit.

Padowitz also acknowledged the existence of a pre-existing relationship between Irvin and the alleged victim, saying that “this person was treated like a member of the [Irvin] family.”

“Nothing happened that night,” Irvin said at one point, calling the allegations “heinous” and “false.” The press conference ended with Irvin declaring once again the overriding plea: “Make a decision, let’s move on.”