Ravens’ Ben Watson back at practice 10 months after torn Achilles

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Last week the Ravens lost veteran tight end Dennis Pitta to an injury, but this week the Ravens got veteran tight end Benjamin Watson back from an injury.

Watson is on the practice field today, cleared to go for the first time since suffering a torn Achilles tendon in the preseason last year.

The 36-year-old Watson could help the Ravens account for the loss of Pitta. When the Ravens signed Watson last year, he was coming off a 74-catch season for the Saints in 2015.

Watson was the Patriots’ first-round pick in 2004. He played six seasons in New England, three in Cleveland and three in New Orleans before signing with the Ravens last year.

6 responses to “Ravens’ Ben Watson back at practice 10 months after torn Achilles

  1. He’s a bright kid – tied for the 3rd-highest ever wonderlic. But whilst I always enjoyed seeing him on the field for the Pats, and he always put top effort in, he was too often injured (played 47 games in 6yrs = 50%, or less than 50% if you add in all their playoff games).

    After NE, he got healthy for the next 6yrs, but he’ll turn 37 before the end of this season, and at least the first year back after his sort of injury tends to be a below-par one, and this was meant to be his last contracted year anyway, so it’ll prob be his last year. Hope he has a good year and retires healthy.

  2. Always liked Watson. Almost made a play in Denver in the 2005/2006 playoffs against Champ Baily that could have maybe allowed the Patriots to go for 3 titles in a row. Champ Baily had a near 100 yard return and Watson ran the whole field and knocked the ball out and it looked like it could have been a Touchback and the Patriots would have got the ball back. Call was that it went OB though.

    Great play and Watson has had a solid career.

  3. @ streetyson Great observations and post. Reminds me of the old pft days when objective commentary was the norm. I still remember when Watson ran down Champ Bailey after that interception. Greatest show of effort in one play that I have seen to this day.

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