Saints wait for more information on Nick Fairley

Getty Images

The career of Saints defensive lineman Nick Fairley continues to hinge on medical advice regarding a heart condition. The team and the player are still waiting for more information — specifically, the outcome of a third medical opinion.

“Nothing yet,” coach Sean Payton told reporters on Tuesday regarding whether the team has obtained an update. “I am sure we will hear something fairly soon though.”

When they do hear, it won’t simply be a matter of doing what the majority of the three opinions suggests.

“We will weigh in on all of those things,” Payton said. “We will meet with him and his agent and kind of weigh in on the three different opinions. Like I said, I anticipate that being sooner than later.”

Fairley originally joined the Saints on a one-year deal in 2016, notching a career-high 6.5 sacks. He signed a four-year, $28 million contract to remain with the Saints in March. The Saints paid him an $8 million signing bonus.