Scott Linehan believes in Kellen Moore as Dak Prescott’s backup

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Scott Linehan’s relationship with Kellen Moore goes way back, before Linehan became Moore’s coach in the NFL. So it comes as no surprise that Linehan remains one of Moore’s biggest fans.

The Cowboys offensive coordinator believes in Moore, with the two starting their fifth season together with two different teams.

“He has been in my room for a lot of years,” Linehan said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “He knows the system. He is one of those guys who can function without a lot of reps. He is a great feel player. That is a great thing for backups. He works so hard mentally.

“He has such a good feel for the game physically. He doesn’t really need to have a huge amount of reps to be comfortable playing the position and executing plays.”

The Cowboys, though, still could add an experienced quarterback before training camp. They worked out Ryan Nassib recently, but Eli Manning’s former backup signed with the Saints. The Cowboys did claim Zac Dysert off waivers from the Cardinals, and he joins starter Dak Prescott, Moore and undrafted rookie Cooper Rush in the team’s quarterbacks room.

Linehan insists the Cowboys remain on the hunt for a quarterback only because of the inexperience behind Prescott and Moore.

The Cowboys kept only two quarterbacks on their 53-player roster for several years until Tony Romo became injury-prone. There’s a good chance they go that route again, and since Moore knows Linehan’s offense better than any other quarterback, including Prescott, there’s a good chance Moore enters the season as the backup.

3 responses to “Scott Linehan believes in Kellen Moore as Dak Prescott’s backup

  1. I loved Kellen in Detroit. I know a good amount of fans wanted him to start over Stafford. I was never that crazy. But I’ve been a fan of his since he was at Boise.

    (That Boise St.-Georgia game to open the season was amazing)

    Glad to see he’s getting a fair shot in Dallas. Hope he can come back to the Lions as a coach down the line.

  2. I actually think Moore is a more than capable backup, and the point that he doesn’t need a lot of reps because he’s been there long enough is very valuable.

    That said, and this is something I’ve thought for a while but not necessarily for this team, … Why don’t teams employ backups who are similar to the starter??? Why would San Fran have two completely different QBs (a mobile vs non-mobile) as the 1-2? Particularly if the #1 is far and away the #1. Why not have a second guy who can run the same offense?

    At the end of the day if you’re a good team and you QB goes down you just want a guy who can manage and win a few games, but longterm I’d rather have a similar QB that can plug and play without changing an offense

  3. DP is so doomed, there’s nothing special about him, the league will be ready this year to take him out. I’ll be surprised if he’s still starting by week 8.

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