Washington promotes Doug Williams to senior V.P. of player personnel

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A quarterback who led Washington to a Super Bowl has now been promoted in the team’s front office.

Doug Williams has been named the team’s senior vice president of player personnel.

“You want somebody that’s of unquestionable character, great leadership skills, a great teammate for everyone around him. And that pointed to Doug,” team President Bruce Allen said in introducing Williams this morning.

Williams’ crowning achievement as a player was leading Washington to a championship and winning the Super Bowl XXII MVP award. Since retiring as a player he has been a college head coach and an NFL personnel executive. He has been in Washington’s front office since 2014.

Meanwhile, Eric Schaffer has been named vice president of football operations and Scott Campbell will become senior personnel executive.

What’s unclear at the moment, on a team without a General Manager, is who has final say over draft picks, player signings, trades and other deals — including how much money to offer Kirk Cousins on a potential long-term contract. It appears that Allen is the boss of everyone else in the front office, and so it will ultimately be Allen’s call, with Williams as his right-hand man.

29 responses to “Washington promotes Doug Williams to senior V.P. of player personnel

  1. Great selection – he is a quality human being who has all the talent and background to understand the game.

    Williams will always be remembered as a great Redskin for his time here.

  2. Doug Williams is a good guy and it’s nice to change what’s being displayed in the Window, but the actual product is what is important.

  3. Allen is a power hungry SOB. Wonder how he will throw a SB MVP under the bus in 2-3 years?

    And Doug is NOT coming to work intoxicated.

  4. Classy guy … who I enjoyed meeting many years ago. If he played with a chip on his shoulder (which I doubt), it was seriously overshadowed by his humility.

    Major props from a Titans fan.

  5. I had no idea what happened to Doug Williams. He’s had one heck of a career being very successful wherever he goes. Not many people go from players to front office executive.

  6. Congratulations Doug. Now get Bruce Allens rear end out of the building Snyder and you just may have a football team again. As far as selecting players presently? Bruce Allen.

  7. So allen still calls all the shots with a few people that got fancy new titles… What actually changed? Kirk will be gone withouy someone who can really negotiate

  8. I love Doug Williams, but this changes nothing in the set up of this “organization” at all.

    The one truth since May of 1999 remains: Lil Danny runs a Dumpster Fire. Bruce “Winning Off the Field” Allen is just the latest boot-licking lackey that stokes the flames.

  9. You guys can hate on the Redskins all you want! But you cannot deny the fact that they had an excellent draft without a GM! You can say dumpster fire,dysfunctional and buffoonery all you want!!!!!……Its going to be super fun when they beat your team.whoever that may be!!!!


  10. Bruce Allen is garbage and Allen is still in control of this Titanic. I feel sorry for the Skin fans who don’t see the “nothing-ness” of this move. Its only intended to deflect any criticism from Danny boy and Allen when they fail. Yes, the dumpster fire continues as long as those two clowns are still running the show.

  11. He’s an upstanding guy. He was quietly paying for things out of his own pocket when there were budget shortfalls while he was coaching Grambling.

  12. Haha, ok, let’s’ be real. I grew up in the DC area. Williams is a nice guy, and he was as tough as nails standing in the pocket, and he was fantastic in the SB. BUT, he is not a smart man, and this is another dumb move by a franchise with a fool for an owner.

  13. Yes, feel sorry for me because I am a skins fan and this is just a ploy to keep Bruce at the helm. The bottom is going to drop out of this tank of a disaster by this time next year when Bruce won’t have access to McCloughan’s draft board. I just hope kirk walks after this season. That’s the only way Bruce has a chance of getting kicked out of town.

  14. He did some good work down in Tampa in their FO

    What exactly was the good work he did? While he was there the Bucs drafted Josh Freeman in the first round. Then he got fired. Enough said.

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