Weslye Saunders trying, failing (so far), in attempt to get free agent contract

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Tight end Weslye Saunders hasn’t appeared in an NFL game since 2014 but he’s still not ready to believe his playing days are behind him.

Saunders is on a quest to find a team that will give him another chance, even if it means going door-to-door at this point.

As detailed by Liz Mathews of USA Today, Saunders showed up to the headquarters of the Seattle Seahawks last week with cleats in hand hoping to secure a workout or a contract with the team.

Instead, Saunders got turned away with a threat of a trespassing citation levied against him.

“I brought my cleats to the facility today just in case coach (Pete) Carroll wanted to tell me to get on the field and run some routes,” Saunders said. “I could show him I’m just as good as Jimmy (Graham) and any of those guys. That’s pretty much what I wanted to show.

“Of course, I failed miserably at the gate on the front end of things, but exposure and obviously shining a little light on what I’m trying to do here is never a bad thing.”

Saunders also stopped by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and met a similar fate.

Saunders appeared in 34 games over four seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts. He caught 10 passes for 90 yards with a touchdown over that span.

Saunders was twice suspended for violations of the league’s performance-enhancing drugs. The first suspension led to his release by the Steelers while the second one cost him his job with the Colts. Indianapolis eventually brought Saunders back before moving in 2014.

Saunders participated in the spring league this year as well in order to showcase himself to teams. He had seven catches for 78 yards and a touchdown in two games.

4 responses to “Weslye Saunders trying, failing (so far), in attempt to get free agent contract

  1. Can’t blame it on the team but still, jerk move by the gate guard. Could have at least got on the phone for a minute and tried to help out the guy.

  2. Dude get a grip!! Life goes on. I’m a former player (all be it only 2 years on p-squad) and I find it comical to see when former players can’t move on and find a successful career. I’m 27 and in sales for a Fortune 500 company and eyeing my next move to medical sales by the time I’m 30. The problem with “us” players is that we let football become who we are and not what we do and it’s devastating when we don’t have 10 year careers because we don’t know how to transition into corporate America. Just my 2 cents though

  3. What a moron… I believe you have agents to help arrange stuff like this with the teams. This guy had every opportunity in the world and has nobody to blame but himself for his career being over.

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