Andy Dalton assumes even more of a leadership role

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Andy Dalton became a team leader as a rookie because of the position he plays. Six years later, the Bengals quarterback has earned the title.

He takes the bull by the horns,” coach Marvin Lewis said, via Joe Kay of the Associated Press. “That’s important. He knows that he’s got to be the leader of the football team. He didn’t need to do that early on because we needed him to focus on being quarterback and to focus on doing his job.”

The departures of Andrew Whitworth, Domata Peko and Rey Maualuga in recent seasons leave Dalton as one of the longest-tenured Bengals. It is different than in 2011 when, as a rookie, Dalton was thrown into the starting lineup.

“You get in the huddle and there are guys that are 10 years older than you,” Dalton said. “It’s just a different time. Obviously I’m not the same kind of leader now that I was then, but I feel like I did all right that first year.”

Dalton, 29, has a 56-35-2 record with four playoff appearances and three Pro Bowls. But he has yet to win a postseason game as Bengals fans are painfully aware.

9 responses to “Andy Dalton assumes even more of a leadership role

  1. Unfortunately, his head coach is not a leader.

    Whatever he has on the owner can allow him to keep his job, but it obviously has not allowed him to have much success in the playoffs. Would like to see what Dalton could do with a better coach.

  2. I love the smug s.ob.s on here that come in to hate on the Bengals……this team under Andy has done very well . We will get our playoff run and you all can kiss the baby after that. WHO DEY!

  3. He might as well take on more of a leadership role, the Head Coach of that team is some type of figure head with ZERO credibility. The guy is a clown who has held onto the job WAY TOO LONG and never should have gotten the job in the first place.

    His criminal and undisciplined players are a testament to his ineptitude of a leader of men.

  4. It says a lot about Dalton that he’s 21 games over .500 with Lewis as head coach. Marvin had an overall losing record before Dalton, and we all know the playoff problems have gone on as long as Lewis has been coach. He is now 0-3 with other QBs in the playoffs…0-4 with Andy.

  5. Dalton has made good progress as a leader on this team, and I think he’s taken huge steps forward in that area every season. And despite what some fans may think, he’s performed well on the field as well. He has a lot of weapons around him on offense this year too, so I’d expect him to put up some big numbers. Not quite in the top 3 for the MVP race, but definitely in the “Others receiving votes” section.

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