Blake Bortles “sick and tired of being below average”

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Blake Bortles has had it up to here with “being below average.” But will he and the Jaguars do something about it?

Since Bortles joined the team as the No. 3 overall pick in 2014, Jacksonville has an 11-37 record. Bortles started all but three of those losses in that stretch.

“Guys are sick and tired of being below average and not being successful when we feel as though we have the ability to be a good team,” Bortles said, via quotes distributed by the team. “We haven’t been. It’s time to make a change. It’s not going to happen overnight. You have to go do something about it.”

Jaguars fans have waited a long time for things to change in Jacksonville.

The Jaguars have not made the playoffs since 2007, which was the last time the franchise had a winning record.


10 responses to “Blake Bortles “sick and tired of being below average”

  1. To be fair to Bortles, only being below average to the NFL standard is actually above average for the Jacksonville franchise.

  2. I that case, we better not let him know that they are in fact God awful..

  3. His team figures to improve to 8-8 this season; 7-9 at worst. If he looks at the resultant increase in wins, he will be able to point to success, even though the team will still be mediocre. What will he say in January? I think this is his last year as a starter.

  4. I pull for you guys to be a legit sleeper every offseason and it never works. If this is even 1/10th of what it feels like to be a full Jags fan then may the lord have mercy on their souls.

  5. If they don’t make it to the playoffs this year, something is seriously wrong.

    Other than Bortles and TE, you’d be hard pressed to find a weakness on that team. Probably the best defense in the entire league on paper and they actually performed well last season. He’s just gonna need to put up a little over 20 points and they should win.

  6. “Wake up Blakey, wake up everyone, something miraculous happened overnight. You’re no longer below average. For this day at least, you are AVERAGE!”.

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