Cowboys compete in “The Derek Jeter Challenge”


Jason Garrett, a diehard Yankees fan, frequently refers to Derek Jeter as “one of those guys you would pick for your team before you knew what the game was.” Thus, it should come as no surprise that the Cowboys coach this week unveiled “The Derek Jeter Challenge” built around that premise.

Players have competed in arcade-style games, complete with a running tally of scores.

You don’t know the game,” Cowboys receiver Cole Beasley said, via Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News. “You pick five guys before you even know what the game is. They call it the Derek Jeter Challenge because someone said if you were starting a team and it doesn’t matter what the game was and you don’t know what you’re playing, who do you pick. You want those type of guys on your team, who you know are going to come through for you and bust his butt to compete no matter what the challenge is for his teammates. That’s kind of the thing behind it.”

The five players from the offense beat five players from the defense in Pop-A-Shot on Tuesday and in Skeet Ball on Wednesday.