Jason Witten loved Drew Pearson taunting Eagles fans

Eagles fans didn’t like taunting from Drew Pearson, but Cowboys tight end Jason Witten loved it.

Pearson attended the second day of the Cowboys’ minicamp Wednesday, and Witten greeted him with a handshake and a smile coming off the field.

“You made my day draft night,” Witten said, via Jori Epstein of the Dallas Morning News.

“When you to go Philly, they’re going to be ready,” Pearson answered.

Pearson stirred up the second day of the draft when Eagles fans greeted him with boos as he was announcing the Cowboys’ selection of Chidobe Awuzie.

“All right. How about them Cowboys?” Pearson said. “I want to thank the Eagle fans for allowing me to have a career in the NFL. Thank you.

“I am honored as an undrafted free agent to be selected to make the Cowboys’ second-round draft pick, and on behalf of the five-time world champion Dallas Cowboys, Hall of Fame owner Jerry Jones, Gene Jones and the Jones family, coach Jason Garrett and all the Cowboys players who played before me and played with me and played after me. With the 60th pick in the second round the Dallas Cowboys select defensive back from Colorado, Chidobe Awuzie.”

By the end, Pearson could hardly be heard. Witten likely receives the same treatment on New Year’s Eve when the Cowboys travel to Philadelphia. But he could add, “So what’s new?” You made my day

12 responses to “Jason Witten loved Drew Pearson taunting Eagles fans

  1. I am a diehard eagles fan and philly resident. I don’t know a single eagles fan who was bothered by pearson. He got booed because cowboys get booed. No one cared about what he said.

  2. I’m an Eagles fan who was at the draft and it was one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever been a part of.

  3. Eagles fans didn’t like taunting from Drew Pearson

    I disagree, I think most people in attendance thought it was funny.
    Sure he was booed, but that’s what he was going for.
    I thought it was a highlight of the draft.

  4. The guy caught one pass in one Super Bowl almost 30 years ago for 13 yards and no score… Is he really in a position to puff up his chest?

  5. Eagles fans didn’t like it?

    We thought it was hysterical.

    Just because people are booing doesn’t mean they don’t like it. Nobody was seriously upset about it, everyone I know laughed afterwards, because he was really good about it.

  6. Eagles fans loved it. It was a good-hearted back and forth. All in good fun. From both sides.

  7. Every true Eagles fan loved it. I too was at the draft. There were lots of light banter in the audience as well..We get a bad rap in Philly. But truth be told we like the back and forth. Drew made the draft memorable. Lets see if the Cowboy faithful can handle the response.

  8. I was at the draft and the audacity of what was said is what made it funny. And for what it’s worth, the fact that he made it out of Philly unscathed should tell you all you need to know about how much we ‘didn’t like it’

  9. It’s all in good fun and good football I look forward to some real good football in the NFL East….I remember years ago nobody wanted to play the NFL EAST all four teams had monster defenses we use to beat each other up so Bad just ask Tom Brady ……The Giants Deven see ate his lunch……GO COWBOYS……..

  10. They will most likely make Jaws or somebody do the same thing in Dallas next year but I bet the response will be different

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