Mike Glennon says he can compete while helping Mitchell Trubisky


After the NFL draft, Bears quarterback Mike Glennon went from feeling confident he owned the starting job to wondering how long it would be before first-round pick Mitchell Trubisky replaced him. But while that might seem like an awkward arrangement, Glennon says he’s fine with it.

Glennon said this morning on PFT Live that he and Trubisky work well together in the quarterback room, and he’s happy to help Trubisky adjust to the NFL while also competing to keep the No. 1 quarterback job.

“Mitch has done a great job,” Glennon said. “I’m going to help him out as much as I can, but at the same time my job is to get ready and win games for the Chicago Bears. Along the way I’m going to help him, I’m going to be a great teammate, but my mindset is to get myself ready as much as I can, and along the way if I can help him, that’s great.”

Glennon said that if the Bears’ coaches decide to give Trubisky some playing time while Glennon is still the starter, he’ll be OK with that.

“If it helps us move the chains and helps our offense out, that’s fine,” Glennon said.

That’s about the best the Bears can hope for, a veteran quarterback who’s ready to help the rookie who was drafted to replace him.

12 responses to “Mike Glennon says he can compete while helping Mitchell Trubisky

  1. “Mitch”…I thought this guy publicly stated he wished to be called Mitchell…so it begins.

  2. Will they beat New England?

    Well, they actually could November 17th.

    Will they win in Foxborough on their way to Superbowl 52?


  3. Glennon has probably figured out during OTAs that his head coach doesn’t believe in the forward pass, and that the QB is less important to the coach than the 3rd-string OLB, so why get too worked up over the rookie stealing playing time……

  4. Everything Glennon has said has proven him a true pro and a suitable franchise face. As long as one of the two of them can get it done on the field, I’ll be happy, but Glennon has really stepped his media game up.

  5. Their schedule is brutal, John Fox has not been able to install a winning culture, and unless they can find a way to keep a lot more players healthy than they did last year, they won’t win more than 4 games (again). So the QB question for this year is pretty much moot. It’s all about 2018 and beyond.

  6. A QB taken at #2 should require very little “help” from an unproven back up with questionable mechanics, who stares down receivers and threw for less than 100 yards last year.

  7. Trubisky’s learning curve is going to be HUGE. He ran almost every play in college out of the shotgun and has never played in a pro-style offense. He’s going to be learning the offense at the same time as fundamentals like basic footwork and dropbacks. Barring injury Glennon should start the entire year and if he does get hurt they’d be smart to sign a free agent rather than rush Trubisky into the lineup.

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