Philip Rivers: Relocation won’t be an excuse for Chargers


With the Chargers leaving San Diego for good after this minicamp, they’ll begin a few years of waiting to move into a permanent home.

But quarterback Philip Rivers want to make sure everyone knows that can’t be an excuse for the team.

I can’t imagine it will,” Rivers told Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune. “Because we’re gonna know. When we get to camp on July 30th or whenever, we’re gonna have known now for almost seven months. So, it’s not like it’s a middle of the night move and everybody’s saying, ‘What are we doing?’

“So, I think everybody should be pretty settled in by the time training camp starts.”

When that happens, they’ll be in a new facility in Costa Mesa. And they’ll be playing home games in a 30,000-seat soccer stadium in Carson. Even things as seemingly simple as flying out of a new airport (Long Beach) will become an issue for a group of people engrained in a business as routine-driven as professional football.

But Rivers isn’t letting it serve as a distraction.

“Right now, it’s none,” he said. “Right now — again, I’m not being insensitive to all that’s gone on here in San Diego – but for us, as we stand right now, this right now is normal.”

Of course, there’s very little normal about this process, but Rivers also is responsible for sending messages. If he lets it be known this is all a big pain, then that’s going to trickle down to the rest of the roster.

5 responses to “Philip Rivers: Relocation won’t be an excuse for Chargers

  1. History will repeat itself somewhere down the road and they will again leave LA for San Diego,but not until a feasable stadium solution is solved.Chargers being in carson will provide the test run to see if they can even have a fanbase behind the Rams history in LA and the tons of Raiders fans in LA who are now a short distance of a drive to vegas which is basically in the backyard of LA metro.

    If the sucker/soccer city thing gets axed in San Diego it opens door for Doug Manchester to build a state of the art stadium in san diego for sdsu and have it be big enough or expanded to accomodate the chargers or nfl.If the Chargers are having problems selling psl’s to the new Rams stadium like they already are you know the nfl will force the chargers hand to go where majority of their fanbase is in san loves san diego its just the politicians who cant get on the same page.

  2. San Diego lost the Chargers on November 8th when they voted down measure C. When that happened, Spanos had no choice but to move. Visitors and tourists would have funded the stadium, not San Diego residents. I didn’t know San Diegans loved tourists so much. Spanos should have looked at STL and San Antonio more closely before deciding on Los Angeles.

    BTW, Los Angeles and Las Vegas are not next door neighbors. The two cities are 270 miles apart.

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