Richard Sherman: Plenty of quarterbacks get treated differently


The Seth Wickersham article from last month regarding the dysfunction in Seattle focused in part on the belief by some players that the organization treats quarterback Russell Wilson differently than the rest of the team. Cornerback Richard Sherman, in his first press conference since the article was published, argued that it’s a common phenomenon.

“Just a made-up story,” Sherman told reporters (thanks to our friends at KJR for the transcript), “because you could literally say that about any team, any quarterback. You could say, ‘Well, the Patriots probably think Tom Brady gets treated differently than everybody else.’ But it would be a legitimate claim. You could make a legitimate claim, you could make this exact same story out of just about any of the teams in the playoffs and a couple that weren’t in the playoffs last year.”

Sherman also suggested that other teams have practices featuring players barking at the quarterback, as Sherman seems to contend he indeed barked “you f–king suck” at Wilson after intercepting him at practice three years ago.

“Any competitive team that has a great offense and  great defense, Super Bowl teams, Atlanta and New England — freaking Green Bay, I guarantee you — you go to a practice in the middle of training camp and mic’d everybody up you wouldn’t be able to produce that story, you wouldn’t be able to produce that dialogue, you would never be able to produce that audio, because that’s what it takes. We play a violent, adrenaline-infused  game that takes everything you’ve got and in order to play it at a high level you’ve got to give everything you’ve got, to catch us on the field and try to make a story out of some nonsense like that is laughable but it’s also the unfortunate time that we are in I guess.’’

Sherman may be right regarding the chatter that occurs at practice, but he’s wrong about Brady not being called out by the organization. Receiver Chad Johnson recalled during a visit with PFT Live at the Super Bowl the amazement he experienced when, in the first team meeting to start his only year with the Patriots, coach Bill Belichick ripped Brady in front of the team. While other teams may not apply that same candor with their franchise quarterback, Belichick does with Brady.

Regardless, Sherman seems to be admitting that there’s a perception/reality that Wilson does indeed get treated differently than the other players in the locker room. Sherman nevertheless insists that he and Wilson have a strong relationship, regardless of any tension that may or may not be lingering since Super Bowl XLIX.

“It’s fantastic,” Sherman said. “It’s fantastic. We’re teammates. It’s like a family. It’s like everyone else in a family, we fight for one another just like I’m fighting for the other 52 guys out there, I’m fighting for him and he’s fighting for us.”

Sherman also echoed the sentiments that receiver Doug Baldwin shared last week on PFT Live regarding Wilson’s toughness.

“We have a great appreciation for how tough our quarterback is and what he has played through,” Sherman said. “Last year he played through a number of injuries and he’s not doing that just because, ‘Ah, man I’ve got to go out there and it’s a job.’ He’s doing that for the guys next to him and we appreciate that and we think he is a great quarterback. But it doesn’t matter what we say. It doesn’t matter what we say at the end of the day because we could say that until the cows come home, but one guy says he has a story and he’s heard a rumor about this, about somebody down the way saying something and that is the truth.”

Regardless of what happened in the past, it makes sense to pay close attention to how the Seahawks get along, or don’t, moving forward. The window remains open, but it won’t be indefinitely. And with each passing year, another chance goes by to build the kind of legacy that comes from winning multiple championships.

25 responses to “Richard Sherman: Plenty of quarterbacks get treated differently

  1. I wonder what kind of miraculous b.s. he will try selling us after the Hawks finish 9-7 in second place.

  2. “you mad bro”?

    seriously, tom brady is not afraid of criticism and actually gets called out by belichick, it works better that way. if the quarterback can handle it, then everyone should be able to

    sherman is spinning again. i used to believe that he was honest and refreshing. now, he’s a backtracking bs artist. go away richard sherman and stop commenting on the patriots because all you can do is make stuff up that you don’t know about.

  3. Of all myths surrounding Brady, ‘he isn’t tough’ is the funniest. He’s been sacked over 400 times – good enough for 9th all time.

  4. Drunk Uncle says:

    I wonder what kind of miraculous b.s. he will try selling us after the Hawks finish 9-7 in second place.
    Check back with us when that happens. You know, 2023

  5. nje22 says:

    But all QBs treat Sherman the same:
    They abuse him
    Right. Hasn’t given up a 100 yard game since 2012. But right.

  6. oddte –
    Couldn’t agree more. We’re always hearing about how tough Roethlisberger is, and he is tough no question, but he’s always hurt too. I see Brady take the same hits and he just keeps getting up. Never gets credit for it either. All this talk about Garoppolo being the future but I’d pump the brakes on that one. Only took him a game and half before he was out.

    Brady’s only been hurt once in 16 years! (jinx jinx jinx).

    Can’t underestimate how important that’s been.

    And I’m so glad we didn’t trade for Sherman. Can’t stand this guy.

  7. Leave it to Patriots fans to take offense to every mere mention of their team. And yes, Tom Brady is treated differently than the rest of the team. That’s why he will play until he feels like quitting, and everyone else gets shown the door at BB’s discretion. Don’t be willfully daft.

  8. Is there still anybody out there that gives a crap about what this buffoon thinks?

  9. Brady is very tough. Played with broken ribs in 2011, for example. He’s played hurt and played tough for years and years.

    Pats fans just want dirty or late hits called like their defensive players get hosed on for love taps vs the other team in the same game.

  10. Yeah Brady gets treated differently….not. He gets treated just same as every other player on that field by BB and that is a testament to good coaching and why the Patriots have the success they have. Treating players differently causes friction in the locker room and there is no time for that in New England.

  11. Treated differently Richard? You mean like all the clutching and grabbing that you do that never gets called because of your rep?

  12. But were the Patriots defenders telling Brady he sucked after their first Super Bowl win? That’s the only part of that article that needs to be considered: If that story has any truth to it at all Sherman is a tool the magnitude of which you seldom see. First practice back after winning the Super Bowl and he’s trying to show up the first year quarterback?

  13. wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall if sherman actually did join the Pats and got his first butt scalding from Patricia and Belichick in the film room. I doubt he has the stomach to be on a BB team.

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