Dirk Koetter: Chris Godwin reminds me of Roddy White


Buccaneers coach Dirk Koetter used to run the offense for the Falcons and he got a close look at Roddy White while he was filling that role in Atlanta.

White is retired now, but Koetter feels like he’s seeing some of what the wideout brought to an offense when he takes a look at his team’s practices this year. Third-round pick Chris Godwin has impressed Koetter enough in his initial work with the team that images of White are coming to mind.

“He does compete for the ball,” Koetter said, via ESPN.com. “And it’s way, way, way too early to say this, but in that respect, Chris reminds me a little bit of Roddy White. He’s similar size, a big guy that competes for the ball.”

Koetter added the necessary cautions about spring work not being in pads or against defenses trying to make life miserable for the offense, but Godwin’s biggest stumbling block may be his teammates. Godwin profiles as an outside receiver, which is where Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson will be lining up so the Bucs will have to slide some pieces around to see if Godwin’s resemblance to White exists in the fall as well.

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  1. When Vincent Jackson went down. Bucs had no depth and Jameis had to force it to Mike Evans. With Djax starting, and Godwin there, it is nice to see some depth.

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