Dolphins say Mike Pouncey is improving after hip procedure

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Two months ago, Dolphins center Mike Pouncey had a stem cell procedure on the injured hip that caused him to miss most of the 2016 season. Now the Dolphins say Pouncey is making progress.

Dolphins coach Adam Gase said Pouncey is “really improving,” although Gase didn’t say Pouncey will be back in time for the start of training camp.

“We’ll wait for the next doctor’s visit,” Gase said. “We’ll get that report back and we’ll see what our next step will be. If anything changed, better, worse, and then we’ll just really try to focus on the steps that the doctors have us right now. He’s done a good job of not trying to push ahead and to say ‘Hey, I’m a fast healer, I’m tough.’ We all know that. The biggest thing for us is we need for him to heal, because that’s really what it is.”

Gase indicated that the Dolphins will be cautious about rushing Pouncey back before he’s completely healed because “it’s not good if we only get him for a couple of games.” So Pouncey is making progress, but that doesn’t mean the Dolphins are sure he’s going to be ready to go when they open camp in six weeks.

3 responses to “Dolphins say Mike Pouncey is improving after hip procedure

  1. When Pouncey is in the Dolphins win games and are near the top of rushing for that weekend, but it really sucks to have our season always on hold year after year with his injured hip. I hate to make a negative comment about a player’s health, but this guy is no fan favorite and certainly not one of the better “human beings” in the league. Sorry, but this Dolphins fan wishes a new player can step in at Center and we can move on. His Contract is absurd for a part-time player.

  2. O line still worries me this year outside of Tunsil. Hope Pouncey stays healthy because he is an integral part of what the offense does.

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