Kirk Cousins played golf with Donald Trump last weekend


Basketball teams may not want to visit him, but at the rate he’s going, all the quarterbacks will have ended up playing golf with Donald Trump.

According to Mike Jones and David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post, Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins played a round of golf with the President Saturday at his club in New Jersey.

And as he continues to play politics over his own future contract status, Cousins was able to walk a bipartisan line when it comes to the controversial Commander-in-Chief (who played with retired quarterback Peyton Manning earlier this month, wow he plays a lot of golf).

“Great experience,” Cousins said. “I didn’t ever think that would happen. Had a good enough time that if there’s any former presidents in the D.C. area that want to give me a call, I’d love to meet them at one of the courses around here.

“I know lots of them are members at these courses and I’m not, so I’d love to get on and get to met them. Republican, Democrat, left, right, I’d love an invite.”

While we don’t know how he scored, Cousins hit that one straight down the middle.