Rams announce trade of Greg Robinson, another busted Washington pick

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In 2012, the Rams grifted Washington for the second overall pick in the draft. Or so the Rams thought.

Yes, the then-St. Louis franchise swapped the No. 2 overall pick for the sixth overall selection, two more first-round picks, and a second-round pick. And, yes, the Rams trolled their trade partners by declaring that they intend to dominate with Washington picks.

That definitely didn’t happen in 2014, when with the final pick acquired in the trade that allowed Washington to draft Robert Griffin III the Rams selected tackle Greg Robinson. Despite the contemporaneous perfunctory proclamations that, like every other first-round pick, Robinson would great, some league insiders were skeptical. The thinking was that Robinson entered the league as a bust waiting to happen, due in part to the fundamental differences between the incredibly simple offense and blocking schemes at Auburn and the far more complicated assignments at the next level.

While Robinson started in 42 of 46 games, he didn’t do enough to stick with the Rams. In May, they opted to pass on his fifth-year option. In June, they unloaded him onto the Lions for a sixth-round pick.

“Since we drafted Greg, he has been committed to our organization, his teammates and community outreach,” Rams G.M. Les Snead said in the press release announcing the move. “We appreciate his dedication and the effort he’s put forth over the past three seasons. We wish him the best as he embarks on this new chapter.”

On one hand, it’s good that the Rams were willing to admit their mistake — and able to salvage a pick and avoid paying his 2017 guaranteed salary. On the other hand, they had an opportunity three years ago to parlay a pair of first-round picks into the nucleus of a team that could have taken L.A. by storm.

More specifically, with their other first-round pick that year, the Rams took Aaron Donald. But they also could have had Khalil Mack, Mike Evans, or Odell Beckham Jr.

30 responses to “Rams announce trade of Greg Robinson, another busted Washington pick

  1. True, but they still executed the best all-time coin toss trolling when they rolled all those picks out there in a game against the skins.

  2. Trash talking only works for those at the top.
    Richard Sherman could get away with it.
    So could Tom Brady.
    But the Rams? And Fisher? LOL!

  3. They may not have dominated, but instead of taking RG3, who is currently available in the FA clearance bin, they got multiple good starters. They still won that trade.

  4. “More specifically, with their other first-round pick that year, the Rams took Aaron Donald. But they also could have had Khalil Mack, Mike Evans, or Odell Beckham Jr.”

    Aaron Donald is no slouch.

  5. Robinson alone outperformed RG3. At least there is still a team that is willing to give him a shot.

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team take 2 bust tackles, one of the easiest positions to project to the NFL of whether they’ll be good or not, just like 3 or 4 years apart like the Rams did with Jason Smith and Robinson. This is truly how bad franchises stay bad more than missing on harder positions like the QB. I mean think how difficult to pull this off was.

  7. I’m amazed they got anything for him. All Pro athleticism but mentally and technically a complete mess.

    Can’t imagine Les Snead is still the Rams GM after 2017 unless they produce a winning season.

  8. Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald on the same defensive line is a defensive coordinator’s wet dream

  9. Gee, I hope whoever they draft makes the team so they can trot him out at some coin toss ceremony with the Lions…that’ll be spectacular!!!

  10. Robinson is not a tackle no matter what team he is on. He needs to be put at guard as he proved time and time again he can’t handle dealing with speedy pass rushing DE’s.

  11. Kroenke and team with picks like G. Rob and J. Smith
    show just how incompetent Les Snead is. Add Tevon Austin and the most recent draft picks in 2107 and Snead should get sacked. However, Kroenke cares less as the fans continue to suffer.

  12. Article title is mis-leading. This wasn’t a Redskins’ pick. This was a Rams pick. The Patriots trade picks back and forth but I don’t ever hear anyone saying New England’s picks are anyone’s but their own. Hey, I’m first to admit that RG3 turned out to be a mistake but has nothing to do with what the Rams did with the picks they got in trade. Haters have to hate, though. Just looking for an excuse to not say, “Redskins”.

  13. Really at this point you gotta say the Rams won that one big. Aaron Donald for RG3 strait up is a hell of a deal for them. Heck if they want RG3 they can probably sign him for league min to compete with that Goff guy for their 3rd string QB.

  14. The idea that Jeff Fisher with his 31-45 record in St. Louis was trolling anybody is absolutely hilarious. Maybe if he had spent more time creating a professional work environment he would have approached .500.

  15. So let me get this straight…Robinson was successful at Auburn because all he had to do in the SEC was run a simple offense and blocking scheme? Say it ain’t so.

  16. I’m sorry Rams fans… but trade at this point is even if not the Skins are the winners in the trade. Despite Griffin not being on the team anymore, he did win Rookie of the Year that season and won a division title for The Redskins.

    Her are all the players the Rams got with our picks:
    Michael Brockers
    Janoris Jenkins
    Isaiah Pead
    Rokevious Watkins
    Alec Ogletree
    Stedman Bailey
    Zac Stacy
    Greg Robinson

    Only Brockers and Ogletree are still with Rams…

  17. The whole Jeff Fisher group were disasters. Got away with living off Steve McNair’s ability and the “Music City Miracle” for 16 years.. And here’s the kicker, he still wants to coach..

  18. Since 2005 the Rams have used 3 first round picks and spent more than $ 100 million on LTs trying to replace Orlando Pace. This franchise will not be compete for the playoffs anytime soon. They have the same GM. They have the same president of football operations Kevin Demoff and worst of all they have the same owner that cares nothing about winning. It starts at the top and if you have an owner that is not willing or capable of hiring the right people to run the franchise , they will never win. Look at the other franchises he owns and that should tell you what kind of owner he is.

  19. beavertonsteve says:
    Jun 15, 2017 10:18 AM

    They may not have dominated, but instead of taking RG3, who is currently available in the FA clearance bin, they got multiple good starters. They still won that trade.
    Name 3. Not defending the Redskins, but really, the Rams squandered their opportunity equally.

  20. With those picks from the Redskins the rams could have built a playoff team year after year. They wasted that opportunity by making bad pick after bad pick. Im not saying I could be a GM but many many fans including myself could have made better use of those picks than Fisher and Snead did. Im being totally serious. Its not that difficult to pick a player that high in the draft. They missed on almost every one of them. Most of those players from that trade are not even on the team . They should be in their prime.

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