Richard Sherman says he never asked to be traded

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was available to be had in trade if the price was right this offseason. The front office of the organization repeatedly made it known that would listen to offers for the All-Pro cornerback. However, a trade never came to fruition and Sherman remains with the Seahawks.

One aspect of the trade discussions involved the notion that Sherman actually requested a trade himself.

Following practice on Wednesday, Sherman said that wasn’t the case.

It was never a situation where anybody asked for it. It was just a conversation,” Sherman said.

“We didn’t (ask for a trade). We just had conversations about it. It is what it is. Great conversations, great dialogue. We were transparent. Nobody’s worried about it.”

Sherman said that the Seahawks are always open to whatever possibilities are out there and that they communicated the situation to him throughout the process.

“You know this is a business, football is always a business. You understand that from the day you get in it,” he said. “You don’t have much choice in the matter. You just gotta live your life. Don’t worry about it.”

Sherman says he didn’t take the trade discussions personally. In fact, he said there’s a price where he probably would trade himself as well.

“If somebody comes with two first-rounders I wouldn’t blame them in the least, you know?” he said with a laugh. “I wouldn’t blame them, at all. It’d be another crazy trade — who was it that got traded like that, Herschel Walker or something like that? But it’s just a conversation.”

Of course, it wouldn’t do Sherman much good to admit he asked for a trade from a city he’s still playing in for at least one more year, but Sherman also said he wants to finish his career with the Seahawks. He’s under contract with Seattle through the 2018 season. He could again be a part of trade discussions next offseason, but for now both sides appear at peace with each other.