Sebastian Janikowski still wants to be kicking for Las Vegas Raiders

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There’s currently no stadium in Las Vegas to play in and the Raiders aren’t schedule to move to Nevada for at least two more seasons, but when the team does move Sebastian Janikowski hopes he’s still the team’s placekicker.

I hope so, that’s my goal,” Janikowski said, via Josh Dubow of the Associated Press. “That’s not my decision.”

Janikowski has spent his entire career in Oakland with the Raiders. He’s entering the final year of his contract with the team this fall.

Janikowski is 39 years old and will need a new contract with the Raiders before kicking for the Las Vegas version ever becomes an option. By that point, Janikowski will be least 41 years old. However, he’s still not the oldest kicker in the league as Adam Vinatieri will be 45 years old this season.

Janikowski has continued to be successful despite his increasing age. He’s missed just one game in the last 15 seasons for the Raiders. He converted 29 of 35 field goals attempted last year and missed just two of 39 extra point attempts on the year. Janikowski has had just one season since 2008 where he converted field goals at less than 80 percent.

7 responses to “Sebastian Janikowski still wants to be kicking for Las Vegas Raiders

  1. I see no reason that the Raiders wouldn’t want to keep him around. He’s always been one of the best kickers in the game and we’ve seen the importance of kickers lately. Still has a strong leg and can boot em’ in from half way across the field. He’s the all-time leading scorer for the Raiders and has been a loyal team mate since he was drafted. The way I see it, he can stay as long as he wants… he’s earned that.

  2. I’m sure he could get a new contract if he accepts less. He must have made a ton of money, time to accept a more team friendly deal. Want Jano to stay but surely reggie won’t pay him silly money

    Lechler went as he wanted big money.

  3. Seabass needs to hit on extra points. The days of he could potentially hit on a 70 yarder are gone. He never did and now he’s pushing 40. Honestly… When Carr gets a market value contract. I’m not sure we need a top 5 highest paid kicker anymore. Gotta trim the fat somewhere.

  4. This guys always on my fantasy team. Mostly because the Raiders, until recently had to settle mostly for field goals and Janikowski has a seriously powerful leg.

  5. Unless he’s willing to make 1-2 million a year he won’t be on the team next year, never mind Vegas.

    The last thing the Raiders need to do is pay their aging kicker 4 million a year.

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