Wade Phillips thinks his son will be a third-generation head coach

Getty Images

Six pairs of fathers and sons have been NFL head coaches, but Wade Phillips believes he’s going to be the first person ever to have both a father and a son who were NFL head coaches.

Phillips said on PFT Live that his son, Washington tight ends coach Wes Phillips, has what it takes to be an NFL head coach, just as Wade was and just as Wade’s father Bum was.

“I think he’s ready now,” Wade said of Wes. “I mean, you’re talking to a father. But he knows what I know and he knows what he knows, so I think he’s pretty good. And I think if you ask his players, or coaches around him, they’ll say the same things about him. He’s an outstanding young coach. I think he’ll get the opportunity sooner or later.”

Along with Mike and Kyle Shanahan, Jim Mora Sr. and Jr., Dick and Mike Nolan, Buddy and Rex Ryan and Don and Dave Shula, Bum and Wade Phillips are in select company. Wade’s new book Son of Bum chronicles his life with his famous father. If Wes becomes a head coach as well, that would be a new chapter in a great family story.