Doug Williams hopes Kirk Cousins “looks at the big picture” and signs

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Doug Williams has just been promoted to oversee the personnel department in Washington, but he realizes that the biggest move the team can make is one that Williams can’t necessarily do a lot about.

That move is signing quarterback Kirk Cousins to a long-term contract, and Williams indicated that the ball is in Cousins’ court on that front.

“All I can do is hope and pray that Kirk looks at the big picture and looks at this football team and realizes we do have a solid football team, solid offensive line. He’s got something to work with,” Williams said on NFL Network.

Williams said he won’t be heavily involved in negotiations with Cousins, as it’s V.P. of Football Operations Eric Schaffer who has been involved in contract discussions with Cousins and his agent. Williams did say, however, that Washington wants to sign Cousins “in the worst way.”

“The last two years, Kirk Cousins has had tremendous years,” Williams said. “And one thing in this league that’s hard to find is that guy to run the football team and Kirk does a tremendous job doing that. And with the weapons that he has and the offensive line that he has and I think our defense is a little better than what we were last year, quite naturally you want Kirk Cousins at quarterback.”

Williams did indicate that if Cousins leaves in free agency next year, it would be up to Williams to identify the next quarterback.

“We’ve got a capable backup here in Colt McCoy,” Williams said. “At the end of the day you’ve got to look for that guy if Kirk doesn’t sign long-[term] but I hope it doesn’t come to that.”

If it does come to that, it would be because Cousins decided to chase greener pastures elsewhere. Williams thinks that if Cousins looks at the big picture, he’ll see that he’s already in the best place for himself.

35 responses to “Doug Williams hopes Kirk Cousins “looks at the big picture” and signs

  1. The big picture is he will make over 20 mil this year and unless they wnt to pay 30 mil next year he can sign with the team of his choice.

  2. LOL!!! It would seem Doug started the weekend early with half a dozen or so Miller HighLifes before he made those comments.

    Cousins has Washington right where he wants them. He is dictating the negotiations not singing with the Champagne of Beers in his hand like others in the organization seem to be doing.

  3. I don’t think it reflects poorly on Cousins if he simply wants to GTFO. With how things have gone there I wouldn’t be surprised a bit if he took a little less $ even just to be in a healthier environment.

  4. Williams thinks that if Cousins looks at the big picture, he’ll see that he’s already in the best place for himself

    said by every GM about their team
    said by every owner about their team
    said by every fan about their team

    so easy to ask someone to take settle for less money when its not your bottom line.

    if you have a capable QB in your roster pay him vet minimum and trade Cousins for a bounty of picks and make your team even better with the picks and by signing FA with the money you would pay your QB.

  5. Well, considering Washington had two chances to sign him to a long-term contract, and both times they chose to not commit, now you have to pay out the wazoo to keep him.

    Congrats Kirk. I don’t think you’re a great QB, but you deserve every penny you’re gonna get.

  6. The first tag made sense.
    But the Redskins should have signed him to a big contract during 2016 once he showed he could do it again.
    With how they are run why should he stay?

  7. Oh, the big corporation w billions wants the common man to look at the big picture, and ignore the leverage he gained due to the corporations dumb moves. Isn’t that cute…

    If I’m KIRK, only way I’m signing is if it’s more than anyone else would offer.

  8. Washington has negotiated themselves into a position where Cousins and his agent hold all of the leverage If he refuses to sign a long term deal now, he will stand to earn a lot more money next year, from the Redskins, 49ers or someone else. Williams is just whistling past the graveyard at this point. Should have paid the man a year ago.

  9. I think he’s looking at the big picture. They had 2 years to sign him to a long-term deal – he begged for a deal and they said no. They followed that up by letting his 2 favorite targets walk. They fired the GM he got along with. They also had the number 31 defense in the NFL last year and it is not dramatically improved. What perspective do they expect him to be looking at it from?

  10. Why should he stay? Because he has a great offensive line in front of him, that allows him time to check down the ball to Crowder or Reed.

    Why should he stay? Because he has all day to decide on if Reed or Crowder will get the upcoming check down.

    Why should he stay? Because he has Pryor and Doctson burning down the sidelined deep to open up the check downs for Reed and Crowder.

  11. And so we have an incredibly supercilious owner who cuts down 200 year-old trees to improve his view of the Potomac River and one expects a great outcome for the team he owns….Really?

    Anybody ever hear of karma? Man is devoid of a soul.

    Goforit, Kirk!

  12. @theseekeroffun.
    Please do your research before typing. Washington gave up the THIRD FEWEST SACKS last year and three for THIRD MOST YARDS. What would a genius like you call that if it’s not a GREAT offensive line?

  13. Correct me if I’m wrong (and I may well be).

    I seem to recall a statement somewhere that Cousins doesn’t trust or want to be in an organization under either Dan Snyder or Bruce Allen.

    I also don’t recall (and don’t know if it’s public) who was behind the idea of twice foregoing a long term contract for Cousins.

    If one of those two were behind that idea, and given the past drama in the Redskins ownership/management, I’d be hesitant to sign a long term deal if I knew they’d have to cut me loose in a year. And adding in the contract situation, the “big picture” Williams is talking about would make it a no-brainer that Cousins wouldn’t be interested in a long term contract with the ‘Skins’ right now.

  14. Yes Kirk, poker-king Doug is flexing his powerful card-hand, so hurry up and sign or else he says the Skins will go to the playoffs with Browns-reject Colt McCoy!

  15. streetyson says:
    Jun 16, 2017 8:05 PM

    Yes Kirk, poker-king Doug is flexing his powerful card-hand, so hurry up and sign or else he says the Skins will go to the playoffs with Browns-reject Colt McCoy
    Was Colt a reject or was his staff a bunch of rejects? I dont think you know how it went down in Cleveland with Colt.

  16. This clown had better take his 18 million per year and not screw up the market for talented guys like Derek Carr.

  17. @mazenblue – yes I know what happened, concussion and all, and his mediocre rating. And that they decided Weedon was a better QB, and that they traded him away to the 49ers, and that the 49ers didn’t keep him either… Look, Colt ain’t a terrible backup but my point is just that its laughable the way Doug is suggesting he’s a viable alternative starter to Kirk.

  18. We have some people on here who don’t have a clue about player contract negoations. Its all part of the game with the agent and the organization. They both want to feel like they got a good deal. Kirk has the finally say on this matter not his agent who is wants to make every penny he can. Kirk has to know that with getting a big contract the expectations of him will go through the roof. He has to take his game to the next level, where he can bring his team back when they are losing. Stop throwing red zone ints, and extend plays by using your feet sometime. Kirk is a very good QB but if he wants to get that Brady money and Rogers he has to elevate his game even higher. Kirk you can go chase money and play for a bad team or stay and finish were you started. The great ones stay with their teams that drafted them and build their legacey. HTTR

  19. I can’t wait to see what all of you say when Cousins does re-sign. The Redskins have a good team. Seems so hard for some of you to admit.

  20. kirk is doing the right thing. keep taking their money and sooner or later you will get what you want. they have “dissed” him for far too long. They blew at least 2 chances to sign him for long term for less than they are paying him for 2 years! typical Redskins front office “work”. Hate to see him leave, but I hope he lights it up this year the runs(not walks) to the 49ers.

  21. If all of you commenting are Redskins fans.. Damn we have a negative fan base.. I liked all of our off-season moves considering what has happened with Kirk. It’s not like they sat back and pouted. They made a decision to fire Scott. Whether it was solely Bruce Allen or not, the team has owned it, moved on. Why should I care what position they put themselves in financially? (aside from signing players for cap purposes) It’d be nice if people could focus on positives instead of continuously harping on the negatives. I love Doug Williams, I think our defense will take a step forward, and offensely we still have weapons. Kirk starting fresh on a new team, at almost 30, I’m not sure how that plays out. HTTR til I die, with or without Cousins

  22. The big picture is that he knows he can sign with 2 potential ex coaches next year that truly believe in him or resign with Bruce Allen who doesn’t seem sold on him.

  23. I think if it were up to Cousins he would have signed but he is leaving the decision making up to his agent and that guy is going to shake down Washington for every penny – and good for him. I don’t think they will get a new deal done this year.

  24. “Kirk you can go chase money and play for a bad team or stay and finish were you started. ”

    If Cousins leaves, guess what, the Redskins will be a bad team. Cousins could go somewhere like the 49ers and help make them a good team. Having or not having a QB in the current NFL can be the difference between first place and last place in your division.

  25. Kirk should tell them; “it’s not personal, it’s just business”and next off season go for the money. Teams do the reverse all the time.

  26. Williams did say, however, that Washington wants to sign Cousins “in the worst way.”


    Well, that DOES seem to be the strategy…

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