For Jeremy Maclin, Baltimore was “always” the right choice


Despite visiting the Bills and talking to the Eagles, receiver Jeremy Maclin picked the Ravens. As he tells it, the decision was never close.

“I thought Baltimore was the right spot on Friday,” Maclin said on PFT Live. “I just kind of took an extra two days to review and clearly you listen to other teams and listen to what they have to say. From the beginning, from a football standpoint, from a personal standpoint, from all the above, Baltimore just seemed like the right choice. I’ve always had respect for the organization, even though I’ve never played here. Just the way they did things, the way they went about things. And [coach John Harbaugh], I heard all the good stories about Harbs when I got to Philly. He was a very respected guy in that locker room. You just kind of put everything together and like I said, it was just always Baltimore.”

Harbaugh served as special-teams coordinator and later as defensive backs coach before being hired by the Ravens in 2008. Maclin arrived in Philly one year later.

Now that he’s in Baltimore, Maclin supplements a receiving corps that has Breshad Perriman and Mike Wallace. Maclin reportedly will play in the slot, but he said that he can still do it all. Given the way things ended in Kansas City, Maclin definitely has the motivation to show that he can still get it done.

9 responses to “For Jeremy Maclin, Baltimore was “always” the right choice

  1. These players are so full of crap. They always say stuff like this after some team has signed them to big money.
    If it were some other team which offered him the most money, he’d be singing their praises, too.

  2. “Well, you know the quarterback and running back in Buffalo really wanted me, and that was really my first choice. But the Bills weren’t going to offer me enough, and I settled with the Ravens. But I’m so damn happy to be here, right here, in Baltimore Virginia!”

  3. Bills weren’t gonna go for a 2 year deal with that much guaranteed money. Shady may get him in the door but he doesn’t issue the paychecks.
    Enjoy the crab cakes!!

  4. I love Maclin, and what the Chiefs did was kinda shady but now it’s coming out the Maclin knew he was getting canned by KC, Big Red kinda let him know, and Maclin wouldn’t return Dorsey’s phone calls, hence the voicemail.

    All that said, he played very average in KC, got paid a bunch of money, the early contact from KC while he was with Philly cost them 2 draft pics and now he’s gone 2 years later.

    So he’s getting his guaranteed money from KC, a new contract from Baltimore, and is “in the right place”…

    Hope he stays healthy, if so he’s still a top 30 WR.

  5. What a loser. Anyone who willingly chooses to play in Baltimore has their priorities out of whack.

    This guy is done anyway. The numbers have steadily declined. Those ACLs wither away pretty fast once you hit 30.

  6. dudermcrbohan says:
    Jun 16, 2017 2:55 PM
    when baltimore is the right choice for anything, you know ya dun goofed up big!
    It sure beats Buffalo.

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