Jim Tomsula’s back, with an old job and a new look

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Former 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula emerged from the shadows at the Scouting Combine, with a new team and a new look.

And while the new Washington defensive line coach might have surprised some people by getting rid of one of the most glorious mustaches in sports, he said the reason for the shave was simple.

“My wife said, ‘Man, you look old and scraggly. Get that off,’” Tomsula said, via Master Tesfatsion of the Washington Post. “Her and the daughters. I said, ‘Ok, let me shave that off.’

“She said, ‘And by the way, you’ve been fat for 20 years. Lose some weight.’ So I got on a diet and shaved my mustache. I’m not dyeing my hair though.”

Mrs. Tomsula sounds like quite the diplomat, but she perhaps knows which buttons to push with her husband. Likewise, he sounds more relaxed as a position coach, which he may be better suited to anyway.

“I don’t know everything about anything,” he said. “I appreciate that, but I don’t. I like that [the defensive line is] a different kind of a guy, a different group in there. The O-line is more cerebral. The D-line, you’ve got to be pretty smart for what we’re asking to do. It’s big nuts, you know? It’s almost like The Muppets in there. I’m a Muppet, so there it is.”

A Muppet. Of course. Even if he shaved the Swedish Chef impersonation off his lip.

Welcome back to the football world, Jim. Even if we’ll all miss the mustache, the business is clearly better for having you in it.

15 responses to “Jim Tomsula’s back, with an old job and a new look

  1. Tomsula seems like a good dude. That said, mustache or not, he looks like a guy that would be in a brown suit that meets you in an Orange, NJ diner in the mid-’70s to discuss “labor issues.”

  2. As a D line coach in S.F. he created a great front that wreaked havoc. If he can just close the flood gates in DC and keep opposing backs from breaking records on us, I’ll be happy.

  3. Way in over his head as a head coach but one of the top DL coaches in football. He is great at extracting maximum performance from his linemen and they love playing for him. Washington is lucky to have him.

  4. Tomsula’s introructory press conference as Head Coach of the 49ers.

    Reporter: Can you tell us what you learned from your experience in coaching that prepared you to be a NFL Coach.

    Tonsula; what I learned is why not? Why not? Ok, why? Why not? Let’s go, let’s do it, and uh take the step. Let’s go, all in. An uh don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to step in. You know don’t get up look. Step in, jump in, let’s go, step in….[as Baalke starts to scratch under his eye in embarrassment]…and uh let’s roll..

    The most embarrassing moment in 49ers history.

  5. Great D-line coach, great guy. Completely unsuited to be an NFL Head Coach, and promoting him into that position was a cruel joke. But that’s on Baalke. Glad to see Tomsula back in the NFL.

  6. He scared the fear outta guys at the combine with the new look. Damn we are lucky to have him. HTTR

  7. Great d-line coach. Horrible public speaking skills. I’m still shocked that Jed York hired him as a head coach. That just shows you if Kyle Shanahan works out, it was just pure luck on York’s part.

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