Myles Garrett wearing walking boot on his left foot

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Myles Garrett has a walking boot on his left foot.

The Browns have not provided an update on his injury, but the No. 1 overall pick was photographed wearing the boot at Cleveland Hopkins Airport on Friday. The team excused him from a youth clinic the other rookies attended at FirstEnergy Stadium.

It sucks, especially when he’s one of your good friends,” rookie defensive lineman Larry Ogunjobi said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I’ve known Myles for just a short period of time, but we’ve connected and you know how good of a person he is because he’s humble and he’s hungry and really wants to be great. So you know it sucks, but it’s part of the game. It’s part of the process and you know he’s going to bounce back.”

Garrett fell to his knees and grabbed his foot after a would-be sack of Brock Osweiler on Wednesday. The former Texas A&M star had the foot evaluated Thursday.

Garrett had a high-ankle sprain on the same foot last season, limiting him to 10 games and 81/2 sacks.

14 responses to “Myles Garrett wearing walking boot on his left foot

  1. Ruh roh. Another high ankle sprain. The fact that this happened on the second day of OTA’s and on the same ankle that suffered that injury last year has to be troubling the team. A premiere player at his position, defensive end, needs good wheels in order to disrupt opponents passing games. There is still about three months to go before the regular season but if that ankle is still an issue from last season things do not bode well for the first overall pick. I hope that the kid can put this behind him so we can enjoy watching a resurgent Browns team. Just because one isn’t a fan of the Brownies doesn’t mean you want to see them suck forever.

  2. I wonder what possesses someone to come here and take such joy in the misfortune of this athlete and this team. By most accounts, he is a great guy. And by most accounts, the Browns have gotten there act together and have had a pretty good off-season.

    Drafting Garrett was the smart play—the clearly dominant prospect. Might not work out, but it was the smart play.

    Coming for no other reason than to trash Garrett or trash Cleveland speaks volumes about the author methinks.

  3. At least it’s not like the case of LeCharles Bentley. He was an all pro center whom the Browns signed in free agency a few years ago. On the first snap of the first team practice, he collapsed with a torn patellar tendon. Had to have surgery, contracted an infection and almost lost his leg. Never took a snap for the Browns after that. One would think and hope that medical science can figure out what’s up with Garrett’s foot/ankle and get it fixed without surgery. But, at this point, I just fear it might be yet another instance of the infamous Cleveland curse. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

  4. Hope to see this guy on the field at 100% as soon as possible. As a Seahawks fan I don’t have any rooting interest in the AFC, I am adopting the Browns as my other team going forward. Cleveland deserves a competitive football team again.

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