Pete Carroll thinks Seahawks got offseason right after penalties for practice violations

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After losing three OTA practices and a draft pick for a second violation of league offseason practice rules, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll believes that they’ve finally figured out where the lines are for offseason work.

” I think we had our most compliant OTA season and really proud of that, finally,” Carroll said after the conclusion of mini-camp on Thursday. “Old dog, new tricks, man. It was hard. But we finally figured it out.”

The Seahawks lost two days of mini-camp practices in 2014 after a fight broke out between cornerback Richard Sherman and wide receiver Phil Bates and other members of the team. The incident sparked a review of Seattle’s practice habits and led to the first set of penalties imposed.

Carroll had believed the team had gotten a handle on the guidelines, but they were slapped again last year after players got injured colliding on the practice field. The second infraction cost Seattle three of their 10 OTAs and a fifth-round draft pick in this year’s NFL Draft.

Carroll is hoping the third time is a charm and thinks the team is better off for it.

“I think we’re the smartest we’ve been coming out of this camp in any of the past years,” Carroll said. “We’ve had the most situation work. We’ve had the chance to put guys in all variety of spots that they have to think and make decisions and choose how they play and fit in with us. So we just feel like we’ve made a lot of movement forward. We have a lot of stuff to get done in camp that does not fit this time of year. This is OTA football. Not real football. That will come.”

7 responses to “Pete Carroll thinks Seahawks got offseason right after penalties for practice violations

  1. Poor Cheatin’ Pete…

    He got lucky last year. The NFL leaked to the media that they were going to take a 2nd round pick from Seattle because they were caught hiding Sherman’s injury from the injury report. Not the first time they’ve done this.

    Luckily for them, one of Goodell’s Dirty 6 bailed them out. Le’Veon Bell was only able to play 6 snaps in the AFCCG. After the game, he told everyone who would listen that Trippin’ Tomlin knew exactly how hurt he was. He even missed 2 practices that week.

    Goodell was in a tight spot. If he punished Seattle for Sherman’s minor injury (he didn’t miss a snap) he would have to punish Pittsburgh for hiding Bell’s major injury. Naturally, we all knew he wouldn’t do anything to a member of the Dirty 6. (Denver, Indy, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and the 2 New Jersey teams) Therefore, Seattle didn’t get punished for a repeat violation.

  2. Injured colliding? These guys didn’t just accidentally bump into each other but got head injuries during “excessive contact” (tackling and banging heads, without helmets on)! And there was already a 2012 violation too, making 2016 the 3rd offense, but luckily Fraudger didn’t consider it that way, just like he completely overlooked Pete’s Injury Report violations. But give Pete a medal for finally being able to comply with a simple, straightforward OTA rule.

  3. I really don’t understand why this seems so hard for them. It doesn’t count against the cap for Paul Allen to hire a compliance executive to be certain they follow the rules and to monitor every workout plan so nothing has a chance of occurring illegally.

  4. Yeah, two camp scrubs who didn’t even make it to the first cutdown is a “violation” worthy of losing a draft pick. What a joke. It’s not like they deflated footballs or something.

  5. The actually reorganized their practices so the players received the same amount of reps they would’ve had with the missed OTAs. They’re smart like that.

  6. They knew where the lines are all that time they cheated. They cheated because they thought they could get away with it. They knew where the lines are in the case of defensive holding, but they crossed it when the league told officials to look the other way so the Hogs can win their one and only SB.

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