Recently laid off, Ed Werder wins Hall of Fame’s McCann Award

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One of the top honors in football journalism is going to someone who’s currently out of work.

Ed Werder, who was recently laid off by ESPN, has been named the recipient of the 2017 Dick McCann Award. The award is named for the first director of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and Werder will be honored at the Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony on August 5.

Werder spent two decades covering the NFL for ESPN and has also covered the NFL for CNN, the Dallas Morning News, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Orlando Sentinel, the Boulder Daily Camera, The National and Sports Illustrated.

ESPN also recently laid off a former recipient of the award, John Clayton.

4 responses to “Recently laid off, Ed Werder wins Hall of Fame’s McCann Award

  1. Werder and Clayton are both guys who simply report the news-can’t have that at ESPN any longer !

  2. A local radio station here in DFW often has (or had) Werder provide some reporting, and I was pretty shocked at the manner in which he conveyed his information on the radio vs. how you would see him on TV. This guy has a snarky, sarcastic, I’m always right attitude that you could really compare with a Colin Cowherd or Skip Bayless. I could be wrong, but it seems the radio Werder revealed more about him than the TV Werder. I get that the Cowherds and Bayless “personalities” are paid to be controversial, but from Werder… a sideline reporter? Just thought better of him before

  3. Not sure about Werder, but John Clayton on the Radio is a fantastic listen – if he knows, he tells you … if he doesn’t know, he lets you know that too, no BS! And he had the best ESPN commercial EVER!

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