Roger Goodell says market size won’t determine 2018 draft host

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Market size will not determine which city hosts the 2018 NFL Draft, Roger Goodell said Friday.

“It’s not about big markets; to me, it’s about passion,” the NFL Commissioner said, via Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Star.

Goodell, in Kansas City for the team’s annual fantasy camp, said 14 teams sent representatives to Philadelphia last month to observe the draft.

“There’s a tremendous amount of interest in all communities to host this,” Goodell said. “It has a tremendous platform, in that it gives exposure to communities, and it has a tremendous econonic impact.

“But the event has become much bigger than it ever has, and it takes more infrastructure. Even our draft recently in Philadelphia, it set a new standard, it created a new event — 250,000 people.”

The NFL annually held its draft in New York City before Chicago hosted in 2015 and 2016 and Philadelphia hosted this year.

North Texas has been regarded as the favorite for the 2018 NFL Draft, but Texas Governor Greg Abbott called for a special legislative session to consider a bill regulating bathroom use by transgender people in public buildings. When North Carolina passed a similar “bathroom bill,” it cost the state several sporting events, and the NFL says that bill could result in the league keeping the draft out of North Texas.

The NFL expects to have a decision on the site of the 2018 event later this summer or early in the fall.

Kansas City has made no secret of wanting the draft since it lacks enough premium hotel rooms to make a bid for the Super Bowl.

“I think we’d see the same kind of passion here in Kansas City,” Goodell said. “But I believe we had 14 cities in Philadelphia that were all there to talk about how we’re going to improve our bid, our proposal, how we would make the draft even bigger. So the game and the standards keep going up.”

12 responses to “Roger Goodell says market size won’t determine 2018 draft host

  1. Market size won’t determine the draft host, except your market has to be big enough to host 250,000 people. Sorry, Green Bay.

  2. phila set the precedent. redefined how the draft could be executed. chicago had it 2 years and displayed a fraction of the passion philly showed.

    it is easy for a city to say “replicate phila’s passion.” but phila had no previous metric of passion to meet or exceed. it set the standard, came from within, came from the heart.

    if goodell is truthful about passion, phila should be rewarded with another draft. but it is BS. it will be awarded based on politics and money. but hopefully dallas screws it up due to their conservative political climate and phila gets it again.

  3. Want passion Rog? Please come to Boston. Guaranteed minimum 2 million will show up.

    I never heard 2 million people boo in unison before. Bring the decibel meter!

    …I know, will never happen. But it’s fun to dream…

  4. I gotta be honest, the draft in Philly was really really impressive. Say what you want about the team and there 0 superbowls but their fans really showed up. I find it very hard to believe you are going to get that kind of passion and turn out anywhere else.

    The only place I can think is maaaaaaayyyyyybe Pittsburgh (probably the largest fanbase in the NFL that travels extremely well). But where would they host it? Its gotta be an outside event if you want to match the same kind of numbers and attendance.

    Just give it to Philly again. If Chicago deserved another year, than Philly definitely deserves another year. Just make sure they dont sing Fly Eagles Fly allllllllll the time lol.

  5. It won’t be in New England – We don’t care ablut the Draft.

    Uh yeah you do. It’s the main reason you’ve been the best team of the 21st century. BB has picked cornerstone players in mid to late rounds. Cmon man

  6. The Philadelphia Eagles NFL CHAMPIONS
    4. Super Bowl Runner up 1980
    5. Super Bowl Runner up 2005
    6. 7 NFC Championship Game Appearances.

    Philadelphia has multiple Championships in NHL,NBA,MLB.
    All times great teams in the history of their sport but that is hard to accept for some…

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