Terrell Suggs enjoying being the “Vader” of the Ravens defense


Linebacker Terrell Suggs has seen a lot during his 14 years with the Ravens and he’s suffered his share of injuries, including the torn biceps that required surgery after the end of last season.

That injury didn’t stop him from returning for a 15th year in Baltimore and none of the wear and tear is stopping him from enjoying another year in the NFL. Suggs said he’s “going to have a tremendous amount of fun this year and in camp” because he only knows how to be himself and one of the things he’s enjoying is being the last man standing from the old guard of the Ravens defense.

“Yes, and it’s a new era of Ravens. I’m the Vader of the group — the last of my kind,” Suggs said, via the Baltimore Sun. “I like that, but you can’t deny a C.J. Mosley or a Brandon Williams, Eric Weddle, Tony Jefferson. It’s very fortunate of me to still be a part … to be the last piece of that transition. It’s a good feeling, but it’s also exciting to see these young guys go out there and create the new era of Ravens with the statement they’re trying to make, too. I’m just enjoying my time. When it’s time for me to cross that bridge [into retirement], I’ll cross it proudly. I just don’t feel like it’s the time yet.”

It would probably be less fun for Suggs to continue if he’d shown a serious drop in effectiveness, but he remained a productive player for the Ravens in 2016 and reports from the offseason program have him in the kind of shape that suggests that will be the case this year as well.