Alex Boone disputes notion that teams coddle quarterbacks

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When addressing the reports of resentment toward quarterback Russell Wilson because he’s treated differently by the organization, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman didn’t deny that Wilson is treated differently. Instead, Sherman said that most quarterbacks are treated differently.

Recently, Vikings offensive lineman Alex Boone disputed the notion of a quarterback double standard in a visit to PFT Live.

“I don’t know any team that would treat their quarterback differently or coddle them,” Boone said. “I think that kind of comes from upstairs maybe in different places. I know as far as here, our teams keeps everybody accountable and holds everybody to the same standard.”

Regardless of whether it happens elsewhere, the “everybody does it” explanation helps obscure the apparent reality that it happens in Seattle, and in turn to sidestep questions regarding whether the dynamic leaves any of the players held to a higher standard miffed. And while everyone currently seems to be on the same page in Seattle (the decision to make Sherman available to reporters on Wednesday arguably was part of the “all is well” effort), all that matters is whether the inevitable adversity of a football season will bring them together or yank them apart — and whether the reporters who undoubtedly will be scouring the locker room for anyone who will say anything remotely inflammatory manage to find it.

17 responses to “Alex Boone disputes notion that teams coddle quarterbacks

  1. Some teams have a star system and others don’t nothing new.It depends on the coach. Players coach or just a coach. Both ways to coach works with the right players.

  2. Alex Boone is turning into a perfect poster boy for the Vikings fans, he runs his mouth not knowing what he is talking about, he sucks at playing football and acts like nobody is noticing, and much like Rick Spielman, he doesn’t even know what a real NFL QB looks like.

  3. The NFL coddles “CERTAIN” quarterbacks.

    Other quarterbacks are thrown under the bus.

  4. They should be treated differently! That is a no Brainer, you lose nearly anybody else on the team and it is just plug in someone else with a Belt size and IQ that are the same number.
    Ask any Packer fan how important a starting QB is! Without AR they aren’t a .500 team.!

  5. Teams only coddle great franchise quarterbacks like Russell Wilson. The Vikings don’t have one of those.

    Or a Lombardi

  6. Like Jimmy Johnson said, if a third stringer falls asleep at a meeting, you cut him. If Troy Aikman does it, you nudge him awake.

    The more important a player is, the more slack they’re given. And franchise QBs are the most important players in the NFL.

  7. doctorrustbelt says:
    Jun 17, 2017 10:41 AM
    The NFL coddles “CERTAIN” quarterbacks.
    Other quarterbacks are thrown under the bus.

    And yet other Quaterbacks throw their teammates under the bus

  8. The Hogs plays him longer in preseason games than most teams would play their starting qbs in these games. I am not sure Seattle treats Wilson much different than other teams treat their quarterbacks. If anything, they treat him worse, except for pay of course. They pay him more than most teams pay their quarterbacks.

  9. One thing for certain…..ol’ Alex “Turnstile” Boone never coddled his own quarterbacks.

  10. stellarperformance says:
    Jun 16, 2017 9:39 PM
    “I’ve lost nothing,” Peterson told Albert Breer of


    Yes you have Mr. Peterson. You’ve unbridled yourself from a narrow-minded fanbase that enjoys nothing more than getting drunk and picking needless fights.

    Mr. “I only post reactively” strikes first again with not a single Packer slight before this comment. What a full of himself liar. What is funny is that he keeps repeating the lie as if nobody see this.

    Since Stellar has run and hide from the story were this was posted because he was eviscerated I will post this here as he is around on this story.

  11. cheeseisfattening says:
    Jun 18, 2017 3:12 PM
    Mr. “I only post reactively” strikes first again with not a single Packer slight before this comment.

    You keep an archived dossier on me, like any good secretary would. Go back and find where I said I’m a reactive poster. I am. But I never said “only.” Sometimes my comments are a reactive response to the general collective, posted whenever I feel it is appropriate to do so.

    Oh, and get me a cup of coffee while you’re up too will you please?


  12. Boone talks too much, but he’s occasionally right. Packer trolls talk way too much and are never right.

    Carry on with the always clever ‘off season championship’ comments and other sub-intelligent banter that includes making fun of injured players and people with medical issues. As Viking fans, we’ll continue to accurately point out the rampant obesity in Wisconsin and your sorry, soft, one-player team.

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