NFL settles lawsuit with charity over gambling policy

Getty Images

The NFL usually wins in court. Except when it settles.

When it comes to the lawsuit filed by a youth charity against the league due to the relocation of a bowling event because of the NFL’s gambling policy, the league settled.

Brent Schrotenboer of USA Today reports that the settlement happened Friday. The league has no comment, and the lawyer representing the plaintiff said simply that the matter has been resolved. That’s standard practice in the settlement of civil cases involving private entities; the party making the payment always asks for (and almost always receives) a confidentiality provision.

The case was set or trial on September 25, and the charity recently commenced an effort to secure sworn testimony from Commissioner Roger Goodell. Coincidentally (or not), the case has now gone away.

The group had planned to host a bowling event last year on property owned by a casino in Las Vegas, with the participation of NFL players. Citing a policy that makes far less sense now that the Raiders will be moving to Las Vegas, the charity moved the event to a smaller venue, incurring expenses and/or losing revenue.