Patriots boost the incentives in Patrick Chung’s contract

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The Patriots are giving Patrick Chung 800,000 reasons to have a good season.

New England gave Chung additional incentives in his contract that allow him to earn up to $1.7 million in bonuses, according to Field Yates‏ of ESPN. Chung’s previous contract had up to $900,000 in incentives.

Chung has two years left on his contract. It appears that the Patriots didn’t get anything in exchange for giving Chung those incentives; they just want to motivate and reward a player who has played well for them.

The Patriots previously added incentives to Rob Gronkowski’s contract. Although they’re often considered one of the more frugal teams in the league, being frugal means the Patriots are in good cap shape, and that allows them to spend money on bonuses for players who earn them.

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  1. Watch the rest of the league do the same. Always a step behind the most innovative coach of all time. Last team standing, two out of the last three years. 5 out of the last 15. And overwhelming favorites for this upcoming season. Fact not opinion. Feel that? That’s reality, effing with you.

  2. To all the Haters out there – this is how you manage a great team, keep players hungry for more rings, and show players that great effort is rewarded. Don’t talk about players that were released in the past when their contracts started to become unworkable within the Patriots system. Know your players and their value and the cap space will fall in line.
    note to the other 31 teams – watch and learn from the Master.

  3. Every troll narrative on New England continues to prove false, cheating, cheap, heartless..yada..yada..yada. they are smarter, work harder and take care of their own. Greatest franchise in football history

  4. The Patriots have uncovered a little used concept in the NFL. If you play well and you can stay on the field, you will be paid more.

    You can only use this kind of motivation when you are in good cap shape and when you have your best players willing to play for very good money,yet not demand great money.

    The Pats still have over $18MM left on the cap this year, and will likely have over $60MM when the 2018 FA season starts.

  5. .
    Chung has outperformed his contract. The Patriots are doing the right thing by increasing his incentive package. However, one must keep in mind that these incentives still have to be earned. If Chung is rewarded at the end of the season , the Patriots will have already reaped the benefits of Chung’s solid play.

  6. Fans and reporters who refer to any NFL team as “cheap” are fools. Every team must spend the same average cap amount over time per the CBA.

    When it comes to NFL teams, owners, and coaches; there is no cheap or generous way to pay player salaries, only smart and stupid ways. Belichick has proven to be the smartest of them all because he has gotten the most consistent bang for the exact same buck.

  7. This is what the Giants should do for that Odell thing. He wants to just have money thrown in his lap to insure he honors his contract. They could throw down some incentives for him and say you want extra, there you go, earn it.

    But to be fair, if this was a Belichick run team he would have been traded to Cleveland for draft picks by now.

  8. “First off, I wish to thank coach Harbaugh, executive Grigson and my good friend Woody for all bringing this disturbing development to my immediate attention. A Super Bowl winner should not have $63M in cap space. It appears that the Patriots have done this through overly strict contract management and player selection, and by trading to exploit the compensatory picks mechanism, and by playing callous hardball with both restricted and unrestricted Free Agency. These machinations, whilst in themselves being within the rules, have effectively combined to circumvent the purpose of Parity Rules which are supposed to hurt Super Bowl winners. And in my solemn duty as Commissioner, I have called this press conference today, to announce that, in order to preserve the Integrity of the Game, the following unprecedented penalties will be applied…”

  9. Just another reason for players to come to New England—I have not heard of other teams offering to pay a player more when they do not have to. I love it.

  10. “He did an excellent job holding Jesse James in the AFC championship game. Not one illegal contact or PI called either.”

    A Ravens fan making excuses for that pathetic effort by the Steelers in the AFCC


  11. Should I retire Big Ben thought while staring at the Tom Brady jersey hanging in his house..I can’t beat big brother and If we have to play away games we look like the browns.

  12. flaccounibrow says:
    Jun 17, 2017 11:18 AM
    He did an excellent job holding Jesse James in the AFC championship game. Not one illegal contact or PI alled either.


    BB could have played 10 men of defense that day and beat the Steelers. They really don’t belong on the same field as NE in the postseason. I will give you this, your Ravens come to play in the postseason….and they manage to give the Pats all they can handle. Maybe coach Tomlin should watch the tape of those games

  13. “Superman will be 40 and when he retires IT’S OVER !”

    Always nice to see hopeful prayers for the Pats by fans of other teams. That’s you said is, nothing more than prayer.

    When Brady retires or is traded Belichick is going nowhere. Garrappollo is ready to go. And if its not Garrappollo what makes you think he won’t find another QB to plug in and keep the Pats at 10 wins minimum?

    Do you really think the success of the Pats the last 15 years is all Brady and not because Belichick constantly churns the roster and reloads every season?

    I think you and the rest of the fans of other teams are in for an ugly surprise when Brady is gone. The Pats machine will continue rolling on as long as Bill coaches the team

  14. Years of dedicating himself to the Patriots and Kraft rewards him with an incentive package. And this guy takes it like his name is Connie Chung.

  15. beachsidejames says:
    Jun 17, 2017 12:37 PM
    Years of dedicating himself to the Patriots and Kraft rewards him with an incentive package. And this guy takes it like his name is Connie Chung.

    Give it up chip. Years of dedicating himself? As soon as his rookie contract expired Chung chased the $ to go play for his college coach in Philly and got run out of there on a rail. His name is synonymous with Eagles fans for looking lost on the field and the failures of Chip Kelly. He came crawling back to New England for just over the veteran minimum for a chance to redeem himself. After one year he was rewarded with an extension and has now been given a chance to earn even more in incentives when he still had 2 years to go on that extension.

  16. igotgamenj says:
    Jun 17, 2017 11:17 AM
    Have fun now Pats fans because Superman will be 40 and when he retires IT’S OVER !


    We are having fun! Thanks!

  17. Give it up (the money) is what the Patriots don’t do with their players. Where is this valuable players salary stack up to the premier players at his position. Or are you saying he’s not that good? New England Patriots are the cheapskates of the league. Tom’s the only one getting paid.

  18. beachsidejames says:
    Jun 17, 2017 3:05 PM
    Give it up (blah blah)… New England Patriots are the cheapskates of the league.

    And yet somehow the ‘cheapskate’ Pats have outspent your fish in each of the last 5 years. And that’s in spite of the $20M a year Ross is flushing down the toilet on Suh. You’ve gone from low balling (when this is the exact opposite) to loyalty (they’ve shown more than the player) to cheap (when the Pats routinely spend to the cap). The way out of a hole isn’t to keep digging chipster but please do keep trying.

  19. So you must think that cleveland giving collins 50 million for 2 sacks and arizona giving jones 50 million for 11 sacks was worth it?While trey flowers was sacking ryan in the SB…OK.Paying less doesn’t mean you are cheap but it does mean you are smart..von miller watched the Patriots win another SB.That high priced wr duo for atlanta sure helped the falcons.

  20. Everyone saying the patriots have gone all in this offseason and are doing things differently simply don’t inderstamd how the patriots have always conducted business.

  21. Teams that overpay are usually desperate or believe that they are one player away from the SB(arians said that about jones).BB has said that players win games but teams win championships and thats why he builds teams from top to bottom.Drafting long snappers,punters etc..paying top dollar for players that only play on special teams.Drafting players to take over when other players leave (a year early),signing players that fit his scheme that nobody has heard of.You look at all the great players he has let go or traded over the years but yet they keep winning.Van noy and McClellan want to thank collins and jones for allowing them to hoist the SB TROPHY.

  22. I thought Chung was a bust when they drafted him as he didn’t have a good feel for the game. When he came back one year after he left for Philadelphia, something seemed to click. He’s always been very good against the run. Now, he’s become competent in the pass defense and is just a smart player who hits. He’s been a great story.

  23. igotgamenj says:
    Jun 17, 2017 11:17 AM
    Have fun now Pats fans because Superman will be 40 and when he retires IT’S OVER !


    Obviously you weren’t watching when they went 11-5 with Matt Cassell and then 3-1 with Jimmy G. (2-0) and rookie Jacoby Brissett (1-1).

  24. beachsidejames says:
    Jun 17, 2017 7:20 PM
    Same 3 Pats fans with their panties all in a knot over something I said….. LoL.
    Same jealous troll posting on anything & everything Patriots related because his team stinks…LOL

  25. I think the Pats are the best run team in the NFL.

    That certainly wasn’t always the case. When the Sullivans owned the team they were the worse by far. They stunk bigtime. And I actually watched Jim Brown play a college game, that’s how old I am. I attended Pat’s games the first year they played when they didn’t even have a field.

    So we have a few trolls that were born too late to say the Pats stink. And I don’t think anything is going to change until after Bill retires.

    Here is a little trivia for Giants fans. All of New England used to be Giants fans. Before the Pats existed if you turned on that old black & white TV with the rabbit ears for an antenna on Sunday ( back then the games were all on Sun) the only games prior to post season you could see in New England were the Giants games. So all of New England fans routed for the Giants.

  26. Chipster chipping away at the thin skinned Pats fans. I so enjoy keeping you 5 morons busy all day.

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