Titans add Eric Decker

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They got to know each other pretty damn quickly.

Receiver Eric Decker, whose recently visit to the Titans was downplayed by the team as routine and similar to pre-draft due diligence, has a deal in place. Per multiple reports, the Titans have inked Decker to a one-year contract.

Cut recently by the Jets (who originally were known as the Titans) three years in to a long-term deal, Decker drew surprisingly limited interest, visiting only the Titans before agreeing to terms. He joins a depth chart led by rookie Corey Davis, the fifth overall pick in the draft.

Decker has three 1,000-yard seasons and one that was close to it, playing with quarterbacks ranging from Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning to Ryan Fitzpatrick. Injuries derailed Decker’s 2016 season, limiting him to nine catches for 194 yards and two touchdowns in three games. He had 12 touchdown receptions the year before.

The one-year contract gives Decker, 30, a chance to re-establish himself and potentially find a longer-term contract next year. He has been a solid performer through most of his seven NFL seasons, and he gives the gradually improving Titans another quality weapon as they try to get back to the postseason for the first time since 2008.

45 responses to “Titans add Eric Decker

  1. I mean, he played for the Jets, what do you expect with the QB’s they had throwing him the ball?

    A veteran presence in Nashville for a club with 4-5 rookie or 2nd year receivers and the notion that Harry Douglas can now be cut.

    Seems like a win-win in Nashville.

  2. “The Titans of New York” – boy did the Jets need to change from that name!

  3. a 30 year old primadonna hotshot off
    of foot problems is somehow going to bring
    the titans to the playoffs coming in late to camp?


  4. I like a guy who can take some hits to the head, have multiple 1000 yard seasons, and not sue for CTE. That’s old school right there.

  5. Dang! I was hoping the Chiefs would pick him up! Titans could be good this year!

  6. vjllsduckfan65 says:
    Jun 18, 2017 9:24 PM
    tylawspick6 what foot problems? He had a torn rotator cuff & a hip injury. As usual talking out you a$$

    10 0



    he had a lisfranc injury earlier in his career

    those can re-occur

    the point is, he is a 30 year old wr who has
    broken down and has had nagging injuries
    throughout his career

    it is a big reason why no one was in on him

    you’d think minny would be with the floyd dui issue, but nope

    do the math

  7. The Titans seem to be following a similar plan to the Buccaneers. Draft a great young QB and then surround him with offensive weapons. Both teams should be forces to be reckoned with for years to come. I think Tampa has the better talent, but the Titans may have a better shot at winning their division.

  8. I doubt this signing has any impact whatsoever at the top of the Titans’ depth chart. Decker will compete with the likes of Tajae Sharpe, Harry Douglas, and Tre McBride for a #3-4-5 WR spot…basically just upgrading the lower end of the depth chart.

    Solid signing for the Titans, and a good opportunity for Decker to revive his career with a promising young QB.

  9. Nice complimentary piece. Above is correct about it spelling the end of Harry Douglas. Though I expected him to not make it anyway.
    But wonder if Decker will not offer much different then their Walker.
    I imagine they are both short to medium routes over the middle.

  10. Gotta look outside the numbers on this one guys.
    He visited the Titans and signed with the Titans because that’s where he WANTED to play.
    Why? Not only are they starting to load up on offense weapons, BUT…

    His wife is country music singer Jessie James Decker, they have a home in Nashville, and she is planning to write and record a new album IN Nashville and have it completed by the end of 2017.

    He has been hit with injuries as of late, but signing a “prove it” type deal in your newly adopted hometown, where you can live in your own house with your wife, seems more like a preferred deal than one of desperation.

  11. Margoadams….”pray for the Colts”?

    The Titans haven’t beaten the Colts since 2011. The Colts have (I believe, I didn’t look it up so correct me if I’m wrong) 11 straight victories over the Titans.

    When it comes to the Titans the Colts certainly don’t need any help from above.

  12. bartmuley,

    I think you are down playing your looking it up, or you are pretty good. 11 straight victories is correct. LOL

    And before anyone hates on my for “making fun of the Titans.” I have no rooting interest in the Ten-Indy match up. If pushed I would say I actually dislike the Colts more. They have been responsible ending my teams playoff runs at least 3 times in my memory.

    Just giving credit to someone who knew their facts.

    As for the article. I imagine since the Titans did have him come in for a visit, which probably included a physical and some field work, that they have a better understanding of his current health and skill level then 99.99% of the people on this comment board (Never know, maybe someone from the Titan staff is reading this. Thus the .01% chance).

  13. I’m a Lions fan but I keep tabs on other teams, and if Decker is healthy and his spry old self, he will become Mariotta’s favorite target and have another monster season.

    As for the Bucs comparison by someone else, although Winston is looking good, and the receivers they’ve assembled are a formidable bunch, I liked Mariotta better coming out, and I still do. And I LOVE what they’ve done with that O-line and their RB’s.

    If the defense can at least be decent, they will have a very good season and make the playoffs.

  14. For those that keep harping on why teams were not beating down a path to sign Decker yes his recent injury history played a part to it but the biggest reason by far is the timing of his release. Most teams have already spent their allotment of free agency money.

    In any case this is another smart buy low signing by the Titans who have rebuilt the franchise really well through a mixture of good draft picks and free agent signings.

  15. BIGGSHAUN says:
    Jun 18, 2017 8:55 PM
    He owes Peyton Manning a slice because he’s made him a lot of money.
    Ryan Fitzpatrick owes Eric Decker a slice because he’s made him a lot of money.

    Fixed it for you. Decker managed fine after he left the Broncos and proved he that he wasn’t just a product of Manning.

  16. I like the Titans this season. I think they are assembling a playoff caliber team.

  17. Unlike Indy, the Titans are surrounding Mariotta with an offensive line and a running game. I like this signing for the Titans and for Decker.

    As to some comments above about Manning making Decker, although he did flourish, Decker has managed fine without Manning too. To lazy to look it up but he has managed around 20 TDs in 3 seasons with the Jets and a couple 1000 seasons. And I wouldn’t even count his injury plagued season par year. Not to mention the QBs were Tebow, Geno Smith and Fitzpatrick, pretty impressive by Decker really.

  18. My bet is after this season he takes a hometown discount to stay with the Titans. He doesn’t need the money, his wife is smokin’ and makes more than he does probably

  19. Good pickup for the titans that were already good in the redzone.52 career tds are better than maclins 46 and he can score from anywhere on the field.

  20. People on here saying Decker owes a QB part of his paycheck are absurd. Decker was good in college and made himself a nice NFL career. Nothing more.

  21. Titans will win 5 games this year. Overachieved last year and now everyone thinks their on the up-swing. They’re not.

  22. cmoney20 says:
    Jun 19, 2017 10:22 AM
    Titans will win 5 games this year. Overachieved last year and now everyone thinks their on the up-swing. They’re not.


    Doubtful….but that is still a game or two more than the Colts will win

  23. twoteamsforlosangeles says:
    Jun 18, 2017 10:34 PM
    A one year contract with a playoff contender beats a multi-year deal with a long term cellar dweller any day.

    Playoff contender?? But the article says he signed with the Titans.

  24. Decker piled up garbage time stats with the Jets. He is decent but vastly overrated from playing with Manning.

  25. I like how it’s “been a while since the Colts were relevant” (they were in the AFC Title game in 2014).

    It’s been a really long time since thelast time the Titans won a playoff game or the division or beat the Colts.

    You can thumbs down all you want but 24-6 and 11 straight wins kind of says it all doesn’t it? The Titans couldn’t even beat the Colts without Luck in 2015 when the Colts signed Josh Freeman off the street.

    The Titans couldn’t beat the Colts in 2012 when the Colts were starting almost all rookies or new players on offense. I was at the OT game in Tenn in 2012. Great game.

    Maybe this is finally the year the Titans actually beat the Colts?

    But I doubt it.

  26. “I think you are down playing your looking it up, or you are pretty good. 11 straight victories is correct. LOL”

    Nah, I’m just a Colts fan. I know the Titans haven’t beaten the Colts since 2011.

    I did look up their overall record (24-6 VS the Titans since 2002) though.

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