Deuce Gruden wins powerlifting title

Jon Gruden’s son Deuce Gruden, a strength coach who has worked on his uncle Jay Gruden’s staff in Washington, won a world championship in powerlifting this morning.

Gruden won the junior 183-pound weight class at the International Powerlifting Federation Classic today in Belarus. Gruden squatted 600 pounds, bench pressed 418 pounds and deadlifted 638 pounds. His father made the long journey to Minsk to attend.

“When Deuce qualified, we made the decision to travel to Minsk together to support him and to visit a place we’d never been,” Jon Gruden said, via ESPN. “These championships feature so many great athletes and lifters from all over the world – some real competitors and grinders. To earn that medal and be the best is special. It doesn’t get any better than watching your son accomplish something like this.”

Deuce, whose full name is Jon David Gruden II, briefly played tailback at Lafayette, but his best sport is powerlifting.

“I fell in love with strength training in college,” he told FOX 13 in Tampa. “Once I discovered power lifting it was like, game over. I have something to compete in after football.”

Jay Gruden hired Deuce as a strength coach intern last year.

Photo via Deuce Gruden on Facebook.