D’Onta Foreman hopes to drop a few pounds before camp

Getty Images

Texans rookie D’Onta Foreman got his contract out of the way over the weekend. Now, he’s working on losing some weight.

“That’s one of the things I want to do is try to tighten up a little bit more and lose some more weight and try to go in there the best that I can,” Foreman said, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “It’s going good. It’s a lot of time to get out there and make sure we’re doing extra running on weekends and off days. Every day we were off, I was in there running and getting extra conditioning in. I think it’s going good.”

Foreman weight 233 at the combine in February, and that’s the weight the Texans list him officially. He played last season at 249 pounds.

Foreman led the nation in rushing last season with 2,048 yards in his only season as a starter. He is expected to serve as Lamar Miller’s backup this season.