How would you improve the NFL draft?

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With the NBA (and NHL) draft looming and with Pat McAfee back in studio for Tuesday’s PFT Live, here’s a draft-related question of the day: What would you do to improve the NFL draft?

Answer below, with anything/everything you’d do to make it better, including nothing at all.

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We’ll also be doing a draft of the NFL players we’d want to play another position, given McAfee’s story about how he nearly ended up playing quarterback for the 2011 Colts.

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50 responses to “How would you improve the NFL draft?

  1. That’s easy.
    Have local commentator/fanatic/guru comment on the draft pick.
    I go straight to twitter and my teams football guru to assess a pick.
    I do the same for games. I’m not interested in the commentator who knows nothing beyond sugar coated interviews and work at practice.
    I’d rather listen to a guy who knows how to break down film, and has been breaking down film of my team for seasons on top of seasons.

    I like when commentators are also rational fans.

  2. Each time Gruden says he loves this guy, or loves this pick for this team, drink.

    Each time Mel Kiper says this was a bad pick for this team, or this guy should have gone lower, drink.

    We’ll all be blitzed by Pick 20, and won’t care how to improve the draft…

  3. Do away with the Hollywood Production Thursday first round night. Go back to Radio City and do rounds 1-3 on Saturday with noon start time and finish on Sunday with rounds 4-7 (noon start).

    Hey…it worked for years and years.

  4. There are so many undrafted stand outs lately and every team adds about 8 undrafted free agents. I think the NFL could use an 8th round and move have the first 2 rounds on the same day. 3-4 on the same day, then 4-8 on the 3rd day.

    Another thing they can do to spice things up, allow players that have 6 years or less reenter the draft if they choose. This way, they can get a fair assessment on how much they are worth on the market.

    Finally, I’d allow for as many compensatory picks as free agents lost (now it’s limited to 32 compensatory picks). Teams get a better pick for how good the player is ranked that left in free agency (AJ Bouye would receive an end of the third round grade. No team would receive a pick higher than the end of the 2nd round. i.e. Von Miller would receive an end of 2nd round grade. I think teams should be able to bundle their compensatory picks for higher picks in the compensatory draft. For example, the Chiefs had a 4 total compensatory picks (3rd, 4th, 2x 6th). Using some type of formula, they could trade in all 4 of those picks to move into the 2nd round or however you want to to value those picks. No team is allowed to gain more compensatory picks than they started with, no compensatory pick can be higher than the second round, and all picks and picks must be finalized a week before the draft.

  5. Old format Sat. (1-3) and Sun (4-7).

    Quit with what feels like 150 picks made by various people and former players who take forever to gather up on/off stage, read the name, especially the two-sy (two people announcing half the pick each), and the live on location somewhere pick.

    Have the designated person or two after the commish is done reading off the names to just continue in that format.

    They should invite players on day 2 or 3. Who cares if you aren’t a top pick. Encourage some of these guys to be in a green room (or crowd if they wish) and let them show some emotion.

    That’s far better then these random name readers who clog up everything before the pick, rather then seeing a natural flow with emotion from players after a pick.

    I think moving the draft around makes sense. Every region with a team should get a chance if they want it.

    Heck why not make it a lottery where Mr. Irrelevant at the end of the draft initiates the lottery (pushes the button) and announces where the draft is the next year.

  6. Move it back to the weekend so we can all have draft parties again. No one is having a draft party on Thursday night when they have to go to work the next day. If it has to be an multi day then 1-2 Friday 3-5.5 Saturday 5.5-7 on Sunday

  7. 1) Get rid of Roger Goodell doing the day one card reading and rookie player hugs. Replace Goodell with top NFL legends from that team doing the card reading and rookie player greeting. Joe Montana for the 49ers, Jim Brown for Cleveland, Terry Bradshaw for Steelers etc.

    2) When a player is drafted. Show flashbacks of great players from the team who drafted them (at the same position). So for example when the Jags draft Leonard Fournette. Show Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones Drew highlights as Jag runners. Along with Fournette’s LSU highlights. When Dallas drafts Dak Prescott. Show Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach highlights. Get the fans even more excited about what could be with their newly drafted player. By reminding them of their player history.

    The draft should be about the players and NFL history. Let’s give a nod to both with these two upgrades.

  8. Draft should be held at the college campus that produced the most draftees the year prior. This rewards the NCAA a bit for being the farm league, and often would bring the NFL to communities without a nearby team.

    There’s lots of ways to hammer out the details, so it doesn’t happen in the same few settings all the time.

  9. Bottom 5 teams to have an extra first rounder at the bottom of the first round and top 5 teams forfeit their 1st round and give them an additional 2nd,
    Would make things interesting on draft day

  10. Firstly, keep it in New York permanently period. New York is the greatest place to have it and I love the reaction of the Jets fans every year when the Jets blow another draft. Secondly, I would do it on a Friday night and Saturday (all day if necessary) format. I would love to see former players get involved and call out the picks. For example, I am a packer fan, and would love to see james lofton, antonio freeman, brett favre and others announcing the picks. I would enjoy seeing the old 49ers guys like joe montana, ronnie lott, jerry rice and others announcing the picks. One problem for the Jets, are there enough worthy Jet players to participate? i know joe namath is still around.

  11. Two day format. I know they want round 1 in prime time, but overall, it’s a drag, then you’re supposed to keep your interest over two more days…?

  12. I would have Colin Kapaernick do the opening remarks. Especially since his latest comparison of the police to runaway slave patrols has deflated the “Why doesn’t Kap have a job” movement.

  13. Hire a commentator and make the whole first round a lottery. Then revert back to the pecking order for the remainder of the rounds. Also I would cut the time for the picks to a maximum of 5 minutes. The way it is now takes too long. The 5 minutes would still give the time to show off the selected players and keep things moving. It’s way too boring the way it is now and takes too long. They could still get their commercials in.

  14. Give the draft back to the professionalizes. Having stage frightened camera shy fans trying to stumble through the pick is a step in the wrong direction. I love fan involvement but the moment is too big for most of the fans selected.

  15. Turn it into an auction draft, just like fantasy football. I suppose you could determine budgets based on finish to try and keep a little parity versus giving each team the same budget. Actual rookie pool money could be used or it could be strictly auction money with the existing pool structure remaining after. Each team nominates in order of finish. It would be incredibly exciting.

  16. Get rid of the draft completely. Let each team decide for themselves how many rookies they want to add, who they want to add, and how much of their money they want to spend on rookies versus veterans. The competition for the best college prospects will drive up the salary of those players again, but hey that’s what a free, competitive market is all about. The main argument for having a draft, that it allows the weaker teams to become more competitive quickly, has been shown to be false over the years, with many of the same teams picking high each year.

  17. I would initiate a policy, that if a team was seen to be ‘tanking’ the season, that season ticket holders could get a refund on every game for the season. I think that would stop teams from doing it.

  18. Initiate a policy that all season ticket holders receive the entire season refund if the team ‘tanks’ to get the number one pick.

  19. The GM of each team should read the name of the player drafted. That way the fans know who to hold responsible for every good/bad pick.

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