It’s Gronk being Gronk as party runs up $100,000 tab

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Many NFL players, like Tom Brady and Jason Pierre-Paul, travel internationally during their summer break. Others plan a staycation with family or otherwise lay low. Then there’s Rob Gronkowski, who parties like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s not how most coaches would prefer their players spend the five or so weeks between the end of minicamp and the beginning of training camp, but Gronkowski, as everyone knows, loves to publicly live it up in his spare time. Perhaps no one in the NFL has done a better job of developing a brand than the Patriots tight end, which is why the NFL Players Association, during its Rookie Premiere last month, encouraged rookies to be more like Gronk in marketing and selling themselves.

Gronkowski’s weekend night out at the Shrine Nightclub at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut included 20 friends who ran up a $100,000 tab, according to TMZ Sports. The $102,407 bill TMZ posted included 160 bottles of champagne.

You can say it’s “Gronk being Gronk.” The NFLPA says, “That’s his brand.”

“Some people think he’s just this extension of a frat boy, and that it’s sort of accidental,” Ahmad Nassar, president of NFL Players Inc., the for-profit subsidiary of the NFLPA, said last month, via Ben Volin of the Boston Globe. “And that’s wrong. It’s not accidental; it’s very purposeful. So the message there is, really good branding is where you don’t even feel it. You think, ‘Oh, that’s just Gronk being Gronk.’ Actually, that’s his brand, but it’s so good and so ingrained and so authentic, you don’t even know it’s a brand or think it.”

50 responses to “It’s Gronk being Gronk as party runs up $100,000 tab

  1. It makes a statement about Belichick’s ability to consistently make tightly cohesive teams out of players with wildly different backgrounds, politics and personalities. You are allowed to be whoever you are as long as you put the team
    with its rules and culture first when you are on the job. He’s gotten huge contributions from a lot of misfits and trouble makers that other coaches couldn’t handle.

  2. That’s a big 360 to explain that he’s 8 years old and having the world’s best time, even if 3 marketing guys are branding it all in the background.

  3. There will be dozens of people coming on here talking about how great Gronk is, but none of them were invited to his party.

  4. Say what you will about him. But no DUIs, no beating women, no shooting himself in the leg in nightclubs, never caught with illegal drugs.

    He works hard and plays hard.

  5. “Yeah, Gronk is a marketing genius. I’ll bet he’s an accomolished pianist too.”

    By his own words, he’s never spent a dime of his NFL money and lives off his endorsements.

    If he took piano lessons I’m sure people would watch.

  6. There have been many, many articles written about how Gronk has saved every single dollar he’s earned playing in the NFL. He hasn’t spent one penny.

    He burns through his endorsement cash having a good time, tearing it up and on any investments, etc. etc. He may not live the life you would deem acceptable, but the kid definitely does not want to be another broke former athlete and for that, I commend him.

  7. I don’t like the Patriots, but have a lot of respect for Gronk. The conservative puritans in this country villify drinking and partying. The conservatives in the media make athletes who drink and have fun without any trouble as evil or doing something wrong. Good for Gronk. Party it up and stay safe. It’s your money, enjoy the good life. I admit I’m jealous

  8. But, he had a 100k bar tab!?! That’s not Gronk being Gronk… that’s more about a fool and his money.


    Too bad for your argument that Gronk has saved / invested every penny the Pats have paid him. The only money he spends is the cash he gets from his endorsements. Over the past couple years, he’s sold a boatload of Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee. If he wants to parlay that into Veuve Cliquot, good for him.

    I doubt very much the meathead haters taking gratuitous swipes at him even have $100,000 in the bank, let alone have a $100,000 credit limit on their Amex

  9. Getting hammered wirh your buddies and pissing away a normal persons yearly salary is supposed to make him a marketing genius? Makes him look like he will be broke 5 years after retirement

  10. Watch the clip of him “stealing” Brady’s jersey in front of tens of thousands of people at Fenway and consider the possibility he does know exactly what he’s doing.

  11. Tell Gronk you can get a decent bottle of champagne for$30. 160 bottles at $30 is $4800. Can save you $95K so you don’t end up in one of those Antoine Walker, Allen Iverson, or Scottie Pippen documentaries!

  12. 100% his money and he can do whatever the heck he wants with it.

    That said, DAMN what a waste of money. So many more productive things that money could be used for.

    To get drunk one night he spent the amount of money that coulda changed someone life. I mean dang, once your drunk does it matter if you’re drinking a $10,000 bottle of wine or a $5 shot of vodka?

    Anyways, I’m not hatin. Like I said, his money. Just seems awfully wasteful, not a damn thing to show for it afterwards except a hangover.

  13. If he was black, they’d be blasting him. However, because he’s a corn fed white guy, it’s totally ok……

  14. I knew there would be at least one poster saying it’s his money and he can do what he wants with it. Just like other players that go to strip clubs and ‘make it rain’, right? Too many more useful things to list that the money could have been spent on. Regardless of how much money Gronk makes, or anyone else for that matter, $100K bar tabs CANNOT be written off.

  15. patsfan1820 says:
    Jun 19, 2017 6:44 PM
    As long as he can actually produce while he’s on the field who cares?


    I agree. Now apply that same logic to Odell Beckham.

  16. Not surprising that the genius gallery seems to equate “marketing genius” with “wise with money.” Good for him, he saves more than he spends. That’s not the same thing as being a genius at marketing or anything else.

    Marketing genius is Steve Jobs making the ipod headphones white. Or Nike raising the price of basketball shoes 300% overnight. Or the Gideons putting bibles in every hotel room in America.

    Gronkowski is more like Marshawn Lynch and his media antagonism that served to get him more press than he should. It just sorta works out for him that people respond to his authenticity as a person.

  17. The NFL can use this moron as proof that some players have pre-existing brain trauma BEFORE ever playing football.

    In 10 yrs he’ll be penniless and telling other daytime drunks at a bar that he once played in the NFL.

  18. the 160 bottles wasn’t just for his 20 friends and since it’s gronk you can bet he invited the entire club for a glass of champagne.

  19. I would bet he didn’t have to pay most of that. It was probably comped for publicity.

  20. im actually impressed he got the bill up to $102,407. that’s my lucky number.

    btw, i don’t think he should drink his life away but people have the choice to live life to its fullest. Leave the guy a lone.

  21. The Patriots, we have been told, are not only the best football players, the best teammates, the greatest franchise in the history of professional sports. Each and everyone, capable of taking up a place in Canton.
    But now we are being informed the Patriots are the best partiers also! One guy is sure TMZ is picking up the tab for this bash, another has proclaimed with absolute fact that Gronk has not spent a dime of his NFL contract, while yet a third insider has explained to us that Belichick is a genius because he knows how to let his players party to their own level. Brilliant!

  22. Who cares… no DUI, no public intoxication charges, no assault charges, & still producing on the field. This is a total non-story story.

  23. Some are sending Racist messages over this.

    Uncool. The difference is that Gronk plays on a team that wins Super Bowls. Fools such as OBJ sail off into the offseason with nothing to show for it.

    Big difference folks. Big difference.

    That’s not racism. That’s talent.

  24. A fool and his money are soon parted . How many yrs before he is bankrupt ? One can have a really great time and not blow a 100 k . What a IDIOT !!

  25. It should be mentioned that this could very well be a (cross) marketing event on its own. Does TMZ have proof that Gronk paid the bill himself? It is very common for casino’s to do these sort of events with “celebrities” . I know that Gronk has done it in Las Vegas. TMZ doesn’t have much presence in the East, especially outside of NYC.

    Either way Gronk does have the life.

  26. Marshawn Lynch has a bigger brand from not talking and partying but by being quite leader

  27. Admit it. All kinds of stories about Gronk’s partying, but I’ve never seen a picture or video of him actually inebriated, have you? Stumbling, slurring, barfing over a railing? Arguing with cops or anyone else? Passed out? Operating a vehicle? ‘Cause if the evidence was out there, you know TMZ and ESPN would be running it 24/7.

    He seems to like a bit of crazy in a party situation, and even throwing his own to achieve that, but he never seems to be out of control. You may not approve of him squandering $100K (Whoever’s money it might be), but it doesn’t seem to be having a deleterious effect on him, his game, or his guests.

    And no, I’m most definitely not a Patriots’ enabler.

  28. At least he is putting money back into the local economy. That helps the bar owner and who waited on him and his crowd.

  29. Seems like foolish, reckless move, but as long as he pays the bill, and shows up for training camp ready to play, it’s not a big problem. it’s his money to waste.

  30. How much could he possibly be making through endorsements? I can understand someone like Cristiano Ronaldo making a lot cuz everyone in the world knows who he is. But Gronk? I’m not from New England so I wouldn’t even know him if he walked by me or not.

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