Jabrill Peppers reminds Browns of Josh Cribbs as a kick returner


Among the many ways that Jabrill Peppers made an impact at the University of Michigan was in the return game and it is one that the Browns think Peppers can also fill for them after making Peppers a first-round pick in April’s draft.

Peppers returned both punts and kickoffs while in Ann Arbor and Browns special teams coach Chris Tabor said last week that Peppers bears some resemblance to former Browns kicker Josh Cribbs, who returned eight kickoffs and three punts for touchdowns during his time in Cleveland.

“The way [Peppers is] built, he kind of reminds me a little bit in the Cribbsy mold,” Tabor said, via the Akron Beacon Journal. “He has some thickness to him. If you look at our past returners, even when I was in Chicago with Devin [Hester], Devin was a little slighter guy. Travis [Benjamin] was a really slight guy. [Peppers is] a mix of more of a Cribbsy and can go north, south. But I thought he had good vision coming out, and you could see it on a lot of plays where he could just create on his own, and I think those are good traits in a returner.”

Peppers is also pencilled into a starting safety role as a rookie and the Browns may not want to put too much on his plate too soon, but the desire to see if comparisons to Cribbs go beyond the way the two players look should present him with opportunities on special teams this year.

10 responses to “Jabrill Peppers reminds Browns of Josh Cribbs as a kick returner

  1. As a Steeler fan you cant say anything bad about this man because we all thought Pitt was gonna get this man OR the TE the Browns drafted… they were the more aggressive team and went after the playerS they wanted…

    ALSO being a Steeler fan i hope these to players mentioned dont bite us in the @$$ for missing out on them!

  2. Let’s hope the Browns did use a first round draft pick on return man…Cribbs was an Unsigned Free Agent from nearby Kent State.

    I hope Peppers is a good safety first and if he can be a good return man, that’s great.

  3. C’mon, man…the Josh Cribbs era with the Browns took place something like 4 coaching staffs and 3 front offices ago.

  4. A few return TDs over several years might make the difference in one or two games.

    Losing a star player to injury on a return can have a much bigger impact.

    I’ll never understand why teams play roulette with important guys. Every time Pete Carroll sent out Sherman or Thomas or even Doug Baldwin to field a return, I was screaming at the TV and praying for a touchback.

    Be smart Cleveland. Don’t put a 1st rounder out there to get mauled.

  5. Cribbs, Phil Dawson, and Joe Thomas.. The only three Jerseys you can wear as a cleveland fan and not feel bad.

    I will never forget Cribbs just torching the Steelers on a regular basis. Too bad the rest of the team didn’t do anything.

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