Jared Goff says he’s learning Rams’ new offense quickly

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Rams quarterback Jared Goff didn’t look like he had a particularly good handle on how to run an NFL offense last season. This year, he says, is different.

Goff says new Rams coach Sean McVay told him they’ve already installed about 95 percent of the new offense, and Goff has picked that up quickly.

“I’d say I’ve understood all of it and grasped all of it so far,” Goff said, adding that he’s catching on much more quickly than he did as a rookie in a different offense last year.

It would be hard to play much worse than Goff did as a rookie, when he completed just 54.6 percent of his passes and threw five touchdown passes and seven interceptions and fumbled five times. Of the 36 quarterbacks who threw more than 150 passes last season, Goff ranked dead last with a 63.6 passer rating. The Rams need Goff to pick things up faster this year than he did last year, and he says he’s doing just that.

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  1. I gave up giving them the benefit of the doubt that they might be good 3 or 4 seasons ago. They suck unless/until they prove it.

  2. He had a terrible rookie year, and most likely is a bust.
    But I’m willing to cut Goff some slack, because he played his first year under Fisher.
    Now if he doesn’t have a huge improvement then he’s a bust, and a spectacular one at that.
    If I were the Rams and he continued to stink, I’d try and trade him for a 4th round pick, just to get his salary off the books.

  3. Don’t have any idea what his potential is, I’ll leave that for those who know. What I do know is that he does NOT have a reasonable supporting cast! The offensive line is questionable, the wide receivers are last in the league, a rookie tight end. The only position of value is the running back (depending on the line play). I feel sorry for him regardless of the coaching.

  4. He should say nothing and have a lunch box mentality. Go to work , do his job, prepare for the next day. Yet, he plays for a Kroenke owned inept
    franchise. He was a major reach in the draft and wasn’t a pro ready QB out of college. Add to the fact that he has one of the worst offensive lines in football and a rookie head coach leads all fans to believe the
    Rams are on the clock and its mid June.

  5. RegisHawk says:
    Jun 19, 2017 8:40 AM

    I gave up giving them the benefit of the doubt that they might be good 3 or 4 seasons ago. They suck unless/until they prove it.

    And yet your Seahawks struggle to beat them. Care to share why that is?

  6. Any chance they will crawl out of the cellar in 2017?

    Looking at their schedule, I would have to say “No”.

  7. Usually you can just tell when someone will be a franchise QB, he’s shown no flashes in his limited time even though he was on an inept team and coaching staff.

    The Whitworth pickup is a good start, but I don’t think it will be enough to make them an average offense, and he’s not going to make average guys better. I’ll take the Browns approach of building the roster first then finding the right QB.

  8. The Rams will be last place this year and their coaching staff will be out on their asses in three years.

  9. Sure lets write the kid off after running an offense created by Jeff fisher and some guy named Rob Boras, then subsequently playing in meaningless games with an interim coach. Will he be good? I dont know but last year is hardly proof he is a bust. Keenum obviously outplayed him in the offense given his experience in it and the learning curve for QBs. Lets see how he plays this year before we call him the next Russell.

  10. Nowhere to go but up right?

    For the sake of having this team be watchable again I hope he pulls the nose up on things.

  11. Talking about giving up on a QB after only 1 year! Are you kidding me? The team around him was horrible. They were the only team to lose to the Niners. And they did that twice! Bad team, bad coaches, bad year. You got to give him at least 2 years with McVay to see how he picks up that offense and then go from there.

  12. All the talk of Goff being a bust drives me nuts. Why is everyone so quick to give up on a kid that was set up to fail. Fisher is not an offensive coach, and never had the good sense to hire a gifted coordinator. They just released the guy that they drafted to be the most important lineman on the team. They have incredibly young receivers with no experience, and no coaches to help develop them. I have heard nothing but praise for McVay from within, and more importantly from outside the organisation. McVay was smart enough to know he is an offensive mind, so he went and got arguably the best defensive coordinator available. Give Goff a chance to learn the new offence, and the competent offensive coaches a chance to teach their young players. Come back in two years, and then we can discuss if Goff is a bust.

  13. It’s the Rams…what’s to learn????? A HB run off-tackle and a bubble-screen to Austin….I’ll see you in September.

  14. As a Rams fan I take this with a grain of salt. Goff was a panic Fisher move and needless to say we didnt get rid of his ass soon enough. Also not really the kids fault either when both the line and the receivers suck!

  15. As noted above, the Rams give the Seahawks all hell every time they meet. I see that twice a year and think, “gee, they could be tearing up the league if they got motivated for every game like that.” But it never happens, which is why Hawks fans gave up that thought.

    Goff deserves a chance to succeed, his top pick status puts a huge target on his back though. Funny that nobody even bothered bad-mouthing the Rams until they wound up in Los Angeles. Flyover country sure hates those fancy coastal elites.

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