Wisconsin man files suit for Bears’ sideline ban on Packers’ garb

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A Packers fan has filed suit against the Bears for a dress code he claims violates his free-speech rights by prohibiting him from wearing Packers’ attire on the sideline.

Russell Beckman of Mount Pleasant, Wisc., owns both Packers and Bears season tickets, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. During a special game-day event for Bears season ticket holders last season, Beckman says he tried to wear his Packers’ gear on the sideline for pregame warmups but was denied.

Beckman said he attended the 2014 and 2015 pregame warm-up field experience at Soldier Filed in his Packers’ garb without issue. Six days before last season’s game, Beckman received an email with a list of rules that included a ban on “opposing team gear.”

His 10-page suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Chicago on Friday, seeks a court order lifting the ban.

49 responses to “Wisconsin man files suit for Bears’ sideline ban on Packers’ garb

  1. Who is forcing Mr Beckman to purchase the ticket to enter this private business? Here is a hint, none. If he can’t fulfill the requirements to enter the establishment, then I guess he won’t be attending any games.
    Just like McD’s rules of no shirt, no shoes, no service.

  2. Typical packer fan trying to force his opinion on others. Or he was too drunk to go know where he was. I’m just surprised he didn’t try to start a fight with someone.

  3. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Gotta love people twisting the words of the US Constitution to serve their own inflated sense of entitlement.

    If the United States Congress makes a law prohibiting you from wearing a team jersey then maybe you have a case.

    But this isn’t a congressional issue. This is a team telling you not to wear a rival team’s colors to an event they’re hosting in their facility. Their house…their rules. If they want to change the rules, that’s their prerogative . If you don’t like it..don’t go.

  4. Six days before last season’s game, Beckman received an email with a list of rules that included a ban on “opposing team gear.”
    At first read, this statement seems to make this an open and shut case. But then I remembered that Beckmann likely can’t read.

  5. That is so wrong on so many levels its not funny . Any fan should be able to wear WHATEVER TEAM he is she supports!!!! No if and or buts!!!!

  6. I’m all for free speech but the fact is this is football and there’s no room for your typical liberal “I’m a victim” attitude. It’s probably a rule in place to prevent potential trouble. If he doesn’t like it then quit paying for season tickets for a team you’re not a fan of or just stay off the side line.

  7. I’m seriously sick of people who clearly don’t know what their right to free speech actually is whining about their right to free speech being violated.

  8. First, one has to question why he would want to wear opposing team gear if he’s paying for tickets to both teams. But he may have a valid case.

  9. They should just revoke his season tickets for suing them. It’s the Bears place of business and their right also to have a dress code. Certain restaurants have dress codes. If you don’t comply they don’t have to serve you. You can’t sue them for “freedom of speech” rights violations.

    I’m sure there is a Bears fan that would gladly pay for his seats. Besides, he probably sells off all the games that don’t involve the Packers. Not sure about the Bears however the Bucs just started revoking season tickets from people they suspect are not attending the games and selling off to opposing fans.

  10. Another worthless lawsuit by a whiny —–. If the Bears ban him from the stadium, problem solved. It’s private property. I don’t even like the Bears!

  11. The stadium is private property. They can kick you out for not having a mohawk if they decided to make them mandatory.

    Packers fans… smh.

  12. Beckman is free to wear what ever he wants to the general public areas of the stadium.

    The Bears have every right to place restrictions for special access areas of the stadium not accessible to all fans.

    This is common sense – which is why Beckman (a Packer fan) doesn’t understand.

    Although not stated in this article – Beckman is representing himself. Which means he has a fool for a client.

  13. You know it’s bad when even the Bears are tired of the Packers.

    “But but there’s tons of mutual respect between the Bears and the Packers…”

    Yea sure there is you darling little Packer fan, sure there is.

  14. I wore Packer attire to a Cardinal baseball game. Not even my kids like that. Guess what I got for fathers day and birthday gifts. For a special on the field event I would think the Bears get to call the shots as to what it looks like.

  15. @jermainewiggins

    You should really work on your comprehension skills.

    try reading the first 3 words again. SLOWLY

  16. Packer fans and Bear fans do respect each other. Lion fans too. We each recognize the others’ tradition, dedication, and overall knowledge. We’ll talk smack to each other during game week, but that’s generally the extent of it.

    Nobody recognizes any of these things in the purples and nobody can get along with the purples. Nobody. From this division or any other. And the purples bring it upon themselves. They even managed to run off the actual Viking fans that used to frequent this site.

  17. At the Patriots preseason practices we get guys in other team’s jerseys showing up. Mostly its ones from the Jets, Steelers, and Giants that turn up every year. No problem.

    There are a couple Steelers fans that show up every year too tell us all how the Pats reign is over and Pittsburgh is going to dominate. And we all laugh at them and say some stuff back. Then we all go out for suds and wings together because they are great guys. Its all very freindly and nothing wrong with it.

  18. Trolling is a very important part of a packer fans daily life and they will sue for the right to harass so they can “do their part” to help the team win (wow, owners who also play for the team?!).

    Please don’t misunderstand me though I would never say these fans are straight up trolls, I’m just saying they tend to live under bridges, eat passing goats (at the end of the date of course) and their flesh is a weird pale cheesy tone akin to blue gorgonzola except that it doesn’t smell as good.

  19. Hey, didn’t all you cheeseheads see that documentary on SNL? Da Bears fans gotta lose weight, so no dairy! Plus dark blue makes you look slimmer.

  20. ragnarthemagnificent says:
    Jun 19, 2017 11:34 PM

    If Aaron Rodgers can date Clay Matthews this guy should be allowed to wear a packer gear and look like a jackhole, I agree with him.

    Your bitter obsession speaks volumes to your latency. You’d likely feel a lot better if you just come on out of that closet.

  21. someone needs to teach this guy that protected free speech is only protected from infringement by the government.

    *not* an individual and *not* a business.

  22. He should just take the dough wasted on legal fees for a meritless claim and deposit it instead in a Illinois or Wisconsin food shelf — and then wear his Bart Starr jersey and Paul Horning undies under his normal clothes while walking on Soldier Field pre-game.

  23. An entitled bandwagon Packer fan with season tickets to two ‘rival’ teams is complaining?

    In other news…water is wet.

  24. I think this entire affair is silly.
    But for what it’s worth, he’s tried to take this up with the Bears’ and the league’s front office without a response.

    He’s not looking for a dime, just the ability to attend these events while wearing his jersey on Sundays.
    He’s not obnoxious, he attends other Chicago Bear functions that are a part of this program, but he does so in proper attire as he says he doesn’t want to rub it in people’s faces.

    In the end, his suit has no merit, and again, it’s silly, but it’s well within his rights to try and seek some kind of compromise.
    My response would be just leave well enough alone.
    Don’t attend the perks if you can’t abide by their rules.
    Wear whatever you want as you cheer from your purchased seats.

    I do find it odd though, that Florio hasn’t weighed in on this “oppressed” individual against the Big Bad NFL!

  25. tjacks7 says:
    Jun 19, 2017 11:06 PM

    Man, people in Wisconsin have a lot of time on their hands.


    True, plus bacon grease, pancake syrup, cheese whiz, smeared chocolate, mustard, brat drippings, cake frosting…

  26. Viking fans will never have this guy’s problem. They couldn’t afford season tickets with two different teams because they have been trying to pay off the refs. The problem is there team won’t cooperate. That’s called a legacy of failure.

  27. With the Bears being such a crummy team, playing in such a crummy venue, I would think that they would be grateful for anyone who would actually want to walk in the door.

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