Maybe the Cowboys G.M. should introduce the Cowboys owner for the Hall of Fame

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What follows is a joke. Sort of. Maybe. Possibly not.

With Cowboys owner Jerry Jones turning the announcement of the person who will present him for enshrinement to the Hall of Fame into a reality show of sorts by expressing his intention to reveal the choice at a press conference, a thought occurred to me. Why shouldn’t Jerry Jones the G.M. introduce Jerry Jones the owner?

It may seem a little over the top (and both Charean Williams of PFT and Pat McAfee of Barstool Sports received it that way on PFT Live), but wouldn’t that be the ultimate Jerry Jones move?

Criticized over the years for making himself the G.M. of the team upon buying it in 1989, Jones the G.M. could sing the praises of the man who never fired him in the pre-produced video aimed at keeping those presenting Hall of Famers from hogging the microphone. Most couldn’t pull it off. Most aren’t Jerry Jones.

Charean Williams suggested that Jones ultimately will tab either Stephen Jones or Charlotte Jones Anderson, two of his three children and the most visible family members involved with the franchise. In theory, both could do it.

Whoever it is that helps Jerry unveil his bronze bust will be unveiled at a press event held at some point between now and August. Whatever Jerry chooses to do, it will have some of the same flair and panache that has made him one of the most successful owners in sports, sufficiently boosting both the team and the league to earn a spot in Canton.